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KUBITX Exchange Kenya plans official launch on 10th of September, 2018. The exchange is based in Kenya, Africa. This seems to be the first of its kind in Africa after Zimbabwe ‘s indigenous exchange.

The exchange started it’s Pre-Public Round Sell on 16th of July which ends on 31st of August. With minimum of 10 ETH as the minimum contributions fee which was previously 25 ETH. The CEO of KUBITX, Eric Annan speaking on a recent event held last week said:

The Exchange is ready. We are starting the Beta Test on Monday 13th August, 2018. We will be launching on September. So we aren’t selling a yet to be completed project. We are ready to go live soon after the test.

Chairman of the Kenya Blockchain Task-force, Bitange Ndemo was present during the event. He said that their isn’t a resistance to the growth of Blockchain Tech. The government has no choice because it helps to solve some technical issues and makes everything easier and faster.

The Head of ICT, NTSA Fernando Wangila said that the Blockchain Technology is inevitable to identity issues faced mostly by the banks. Should one lost his ATM. He/she wouldn’t be asked several questions before being able to identify him/her from the Bank Database. With Blockchain Technology. Everything will be easily sort out and time will be saved. And more things achieved.

Other Noteable figures present at the event includes Rebecca Powers; Operational Manager I-DEV International and John Karanja; Founder BITHUMB African.

KUBITX Exchange boasts of 12 million transactions per seconds. The KBX token is the token for it’s ecosystem which is an ERC20 Token. The Platform wishes to launch it’s own mainnet later in the future. The exchange will be using multi-signature and cold wallet storage system to secure it’s funds. KUBITX seems to be the Best Exchange currently in Africa.

Kenya is taking the lead in Blockchain Technology adoption in Africa. With the support of its government many achievements have been made in this sector of the country’s development.

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  1. This is wonderful as Africa brings to us an exchange which runs 12million transactions in one second I believe we can do more in the nearest future.
    Thanks to those who made this possible.
    @Kubitx I say a very big bravo to you.

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