Kwame Asante from Ghana Pioneers the First Crypto Space Drop in Metal(MTL) Cryptocurrency in Ghana Using Personal Developed Antenna.

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Ghana pioneers the first crypto space drop in Africa. Kwame Asante is the recipient of the crypto space drop otherwise known as crypto airdrop in Metal (MTL) cryptocurrency. 

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Kwame Asante built an antenna that aids the retrieval of digital currency airdrop from the space. He was able able to receive the cryptocurrency airdrop from the space through the atenna. 

Moreso, the grant which was received in crypto was sent in Metal (MTL) Cryptocurrency. which is worth $1000. It was converted to Ghana Cedis by Kwame Asante and sent to St. Mary’s school headmistress. 

St.Mary’s school is located in Korle Gonno, Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The grant was used to repair the roofings of the school building and for the construction of tables and chairs. 

Meanwhile, the space drop came through Erik Finman, a twenty years old high school quitter and Bitcoin millionaire. He was able to send the cryptocurrency through a satellite with a cryptocurrency wallet called Project Da Vinci. 

Erik Finman is a twenty years old bitcoin millionaire. He bought $1000 worth of Bitcoin priced at $10 to $12 each in 2011. Now he has up to 446 bitcoins valued at $7308 at the time of writing. 

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Erik Finman said that the aim behind the crypto space drop was to show how financial inclusion can be achieved in most remote places in Africa. 

He is one of the founding fathers of Project Da Vinci. This is a satellite containing a cryptocurrency wallet which was launched as part of the ELaNa program. It’s a program by NASA, allowing students to launch small satellites with a unique function.

This marks the first crypto space drop in Ghana and in Africa which is pioneered by a Ghanian. You might be wondering, what is crypto space drop? 

It is a process through which cryptocurrency can be transfered through a set of satellites to an antenna on any part of the world. Just like with Ghana’s crypto space drop. 

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