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Learn DevOps in 180 Days and Earn an Average Salary of $114K Yearly on Remote as a Student

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Learn and become a DevOps Developer in 180 days and start earning an average of $114,000 per year as a remote worker. This will help you as a Nigerian Student to make a living for yourself.

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This article will help you organise yourself and schedule and become a better you, earning a lot in two years. What would you need? Let’s get started.


  • Laptop: Windows x64, 500GB
  • Internet Connection
  • Passion and Willingness
  • One – Two hours daily
  • Consistency 


Linux and Networking: If you are getting started as a beginner. You will have to start with this recommended Udemy course from your first day until the next 30 days. This course will help you learn Linux and Networking from the beginner level to the advanced level.

Advanced Scripting: Once you are done with the Linux and Network course. You are now an advanced and proficient skill on Linux and Networking. It’s time to learn another needed resource skill. 

You will now learn Python programming. There is another resourceful course on Udemy for you to learn Python from zero to hero. This will take you from 30-90 days, a month programme.

Cloud Training and Certification: You will learn AWS cloud service management at this point. You necessarily don’t need to learn codes here but at some point, you might need to when you are going advanced. This is also a one-month programme from days 91-120. 

If you do want to look into learning to code, for languages I’d suggest you look into JavaScript if you’re interested in web development, or Python if you want to be more cloud, data or operations focused. This Udemy course will help you get started.

Google Cloud: The next resource skill is Google Cloud certification. The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certification debuted at number one on the top-paying certifications list in the 2019 Global Knowledge survey.  

This is a great cloud skill that will boost your DevOps skill in Cloud management aside from AWS. You can get a certification through google through this link. This can take you from 121 – 180th day.

At this point, you are now a fully certified DevOps with all the needed industrial skills to scale in the industry as a student. Both in the crypto space or otherwise. 

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