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Learn Mobile App Development (Android) and Earn $112K Yearly on Remote as a Student.

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Last updated on October 14th, 2022 at 10:39 am

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Learn and become an Android Mobile App Developer in 180 days and start earning an average of $112,000 per year as a remote worker. This will help you as a Nigerian Student to make a living for yourself.

This article will help you organise yourself and schedule and become a better you, earning a lot after six months of learning. What would you need? Let’s get started.

What is Mobile App Development? Simply understand that mobile app development implies building any application that runs on an android mobile device. 


  • Laptop: Windows x64, 500GB
  • Internet Connection
  • Passion and Willingness
  • Two – Three hours daily
  • Consistency 
  • Good electricity 


JavaScript: In order to get started in your journey as a mobile app developer, you will need proper knowledge of JavaScript.  In getting started as a beginner,you will have to start with this recommended Udemy course from your first day until the next 40 days. 

There is also a free course on Udemy for you to learn JavaScript from zero to hero. This will take you 50 days, a month and a 20 days programme.

JavaScript 30 Days Challenge

This challenge will help you practice what you have learned and perfect in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After this 30 days challenge, you will be able to build a simple standard website. 

Click this link to participate in this challenge.

Kotlin: Kotlin is a programming language recommended by Google for developing Android-based mobile apps. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) version of Kotlin’s standard library depends on the Java Class Library. 

There is also a comprehensive free course for Kotlin on Udemy. The website has all the needed doc files for reference purposes in your coding journey. This can take you only 30 days to finish.

React Native: React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework, designed for building apps on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and also web applications. It’s a great tool that you will need to learn in your app development journey and it’s maintained by Facebook. You can follow this course to learn. It’s a recommended course for learning React Native and building apps with prior knowledge of JavaScript.

VueJS is primarily used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. This can also be applied to both desktop and mobile app development. It will help you with additional knowledge to understand apps for desktop and mobile app development. Learning React Native together with VueJS can take you only 20 days to finish. You can learn about VueJs through the site

Android Studio: Adroid Studio is an IDE, it is the official integrated development (IDE) environment for Google’s Android operating system. It is written in Java, Kotlin and C++. With your knowledge of Java and Kotlin, you are good to go and learn how to use Android Studios for managing your mobile apps. 

This is a crucial part of your learning, this tutorial can only take you 20 days to learn by sparing at least 2-3 hours of your time daily.

Node.js: Node.js is primarily used for non-blocking, event-driven servers. It’s used for real-time web apps and back-end API services. It is also used in developing the backend of your mobile app. This can only take you 15 days with 2-3hours of daily reading to finish.

Firebase: Then next is to get the best cloud storage service for our mobile applications development. Since we are native developers using Java and Android, we will be using Firebase. Firebase was acquired by the Tech Giant ‘Google’ and hence it has a lot of cool features. To use Firebase, we will need knowledge on how to create a DB using Firebase. And for that, we will learn and have some basic knowledge of JSON (JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight format for storing and transporting data), by which we can structure our database table for the responses from the server. 

You can learn about JSON here on the sing w3schools web page. JSON will help you with REST API and other mobile app integrations from third parties into your mobile app for use. Learning Firebase alongside JSON can take you another 15 days to finish.

GitHub: It’s advised that you get familiar with using GitHub for uploading and keep a track record of your learning journey as a mobile app (android) developer. Visit

This will help you when you start building your resume for a job application. This can take you from day 171-180. 

At this point, you are now a fully certified Mobile App (android) Developer with all the needed industrial skills to scale in the industry as a student. Both in the crypto space or otherwise. 

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