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Mask Network: Web3 Social Media (SocialFi) Tool For Connecting Web2 Social Media Users Into Web 3.0

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Last updated on December 12th, 2023 at 02:49 pm

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Mask Network brings web3 privacy and decentralized benefits to the web2 social media (socialfi) platform making it easier for web2 platforms to switch to web3 features and integrate decentralised features.

Mask Network a socialfi tool started with integrating into Twitter to allow users to encrypt messages that they can send to friends and keep them out from prying eyes. Mask Network socialfi tool evolved into offering more and more features including integrating refi into social media platforms.

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Features of Mask Network

Encrypt Messages: Use the mask network web extension to hide content from prying eyes on social media platforms like Twitter.

Launch New Projects: Connecting with mask network extension allows innovators to raise funds for launching new projects on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, or Arbitrum networks through social media platforms. Initial Twitter Offering (ITO) for launching decentralized assets fairly.

Social Trading: With the integrated widgets on social platforms. Social media users will be able to view the latest prices of crypto assets without leaving the page. It’s powered by Uniswap, SushiSwap and Ox.

Verify NFT Avatars: You can easily verify your NFT avatar without having to be a Twitter Blue Subscriber. Get your NFT Avatar verified on-chain for free.

Create Your Web3 Profile: Aggregate all your web3 digital activities in one place including NFTs, donation records etc.

Store Your Files: You can comfortable use decentralised storage apps like arweave on web2 social media platforms through mask network web extension integration. 

Accurately Track Giveaways and Participation: Enabling mask network web extension allows you to encrypt and accurately track giveaways on a first-come basis on web2 social platforms.

Shop on Decentralized Marketplaces: This feature allows you to anonymously shop for NFTs on OpenSea and other markets.

On-ramp Fiat Easily: You can buy crypto with credit cards from social media platforms using mask integration.

Mask Network Tokenomics:

$MASK is the native token of MaskDAO. The DAO is the owner of the Mask Ecosystem. $MASK holders are members of MaskDAO and possess ownership of the Mask Ecosystem through the DAO. As the native token, $MASK serves as an incentive to facilitate governance. Each $MASK represents one vote.

A total of 100,000,000 $MASK tokens is created at genesis. Below is the information of the previous rounds and the distribution of the token before the Initial Twitter Offering of $MASK

Conclusion: Mask Network is the Web3 platform bringing web2 social media platform users into web 3.0. Mask offers privacy and web3 benefits to users of web2 to give users full control over their data and its usage.

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