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Meet Fola Olatunji Who Sold 2 BTC for N215k Naira in 2016

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In the light of Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high since it’s creation. Many new stories untold became a novel worthy of publishing.

Bitcoin crossed $20,000 today Dec 16, 2020 at an equivalent of over N9.8 million naira sending new bitcoin wallets into the dollar millionaire realm.

Fola Olatunji-David a Nigerian and the Head of Startup Success and Services, Launchpad Africa, Google narrated how he missed owning 2 Bitcoins worth over $41,000 at the time of writing.

Fola Olatunji-David explained how a friend made him to buy 2 Bitcoins which found no use case for and later sold it for $690 worth N215,000 naira at that time in 2016.

“In light of Bitcoin crossing $20k, here’s my fun story. 2016, someone needed my card to buy 0.5 BTC. I chastised him cos it was for MMM, but helped, and bought 2 for myself just to learn. Sold it next day and returned the money to my naira savings 🤡 BTC was ~$690 (N215k) then.

“Maybe I’d have held, maybe I’d have sold… who knows… but at the time, Bitcoin’s biggest use case in Naija was for MMM.. so I was skeptical. Even today, its still mainly yahoo boys… @YeleBademosi opened my eyes over a year ago… predicting future is hard!”

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Commenting on the above story, Yele Bademosi the CEO of Bundle Africa explained that, “Only correction is that the biggest use case isn’t Yahoo 🌚 can’t disclose but the interest from blue chip companies, MTOs and FIs is the highest I’ve ever seen. We have not yet started seeing the truth growth yet in Nigeria, we are still in the first quarter.”

Some experts predicts that Bitcoin will definitely reach $50,000 per one in 2023.

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