Tue. May 21st, 2024

Nigeria Crypto Influencers Fight On X Over Status

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A war of who is the greatest, who owns the most crypto, and who onboarded formerly broke peasants and made them crypto Gurus. “I am their father’s Father,” one of them said.

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The Fight

Major Nigerian crypto Influencers have taken to X to drag their colleagues over their status in the crypto industry. The scuffle was mainly between Bitcoin Chief founder of Tatcoin, and Chris Ani founder of Daba School.

Spaces lasting hours were hosted on the subject matter. Some influencers went as far as calling the other “Expired influencers” while the rest have gone out of their way to dig up each other’s either failed or rug-pulled projects.

Chief Vs Ani

A veteran, Bitcoin Chief, brought out receipts, including private WhatsApp chats he had with a certain influencer when he was still up and coming. He claimed that he made him, and he feels betrayed by his recent conduct towards him. These receipts Look real and raise questions in the minds of many. 

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Bitcoin Chief went ahead to call out Wakanda Inu, a project run by Chris Ani and some other Nigerian influencers calling it a rug pull. He claimed that Tatcoin, a project belonging to him, which had similarly failed was just going through downtime and that he was making a series of plans to revive the project and bring succour to its holders.

To everybody who bought tatcoin be patient i am still building 

And you can see all the improvements I have made on @tatspaceapp 

Over the years. I didn’t go to sleep!….. Next year I will be doing a 

Tatcoin buyback. I will buy your Tatcoin!”

Some X users have come out to debunk the Chief’s stance over the Failure of Wakanda Inu. They showed receipts to prove that over $100k liquidity was still locked in the project. “The project like any other project at its peak was sold off by wallets who took profits”. They claimed that it was impossible to buy and sell Chief’s Tatcoin and that holders were stranded.

Who Holds the Most Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Chief defended his name, saying he owns over 320 bitcoins way back in 2017 and he is the only African Alive that owns over 100 bitcoins. He went further to say that the rest of the influencers do not have up to $50k to their names and called them out to debunk it.  

While his open challenge was not responded to, brawls like this go deep into the root of a lot of issues that would remain hidden mysteries. This one was quite intense and drew the battle lines. 

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