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Bloomberg is expanding its conglomerate to Africa with the launch of a recruitment exercise for students and recent graduates called; Bloomberg Engineering Accelerators Recruitment Boot camp scheduled to hold in October.

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The recruitment process requires you to complete a HackerRank upon your application submission.

This will then be followed by an interview for top candidates on day 2 – 18/08/2022. Day 1 – Bloomberg Engineering Accelerator Bootcamp on-site event in Lagos – Monday, October 17, 2022 | Victoria Island.

Another interesting part of our visitation is the #techatbloomberg to provide insight about Bloomberg Engineering. This is also a practical coding + problem solving workshop to prepare you for technical interviews.

If you are a student from any Nigerian university in your penultimate or final year or a Graduate with few years of experience in the tech industry and with a strong understanding of data structures + algorithms, then you should take the Hackerrank test (link below).

Application link]:

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