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Notcoin: Biggest Memecoin on TON Blockchain. Don’t Miss Notcoin Airdrop

By Tony Chimdiuto Nov29,2023 #Airdrop #ton
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Notcoin is a telegram mini-app web3 gaming platform on the TON blockchain with over 300,000 users onboarded in 2 weeks.

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Notcoin rewards free notcoin to telegram users for clicks and performing simple tasks on the notcoin telegram bot via the mini-app on telegram and the TON blockchain. 

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There are 5 simple tasks users can perform to earn over 200,000 Notcoin which will be used to reward users when the Notcoin airdrop comes. These tasks include; 

  • Follow Notcoin on Twitter
  • Join Notcoin Telegram Channel
  • Refer Friends 
  • Be a Telegram Premium User
  • Hold at least ONE TON Holder NFT

Users can boost their earnings by buying boosters with their available rewards. Participate in Notcoin by signing up here to get the biggest airdrop in Telegram.

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