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OKX Wallet Enables BRC-20 Trading on its Ordinals Marketplace, Launches Bitcoin Cross-Chain Swap.

By Ekenedilichukwu May23,2023 #BRC-20 #okx
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OKX Wallet has announced that BRC-20 trading is now live on its Ordinals Marketplace, making it the first and only multi-chain wallet to support the trading of BRC-20 tokens on mobile. Support for BRC-20 token trading on the web version of OKX Wallet will be available in the near 

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 global crypto exchange said in a communication released to the media. 

The Ordinals Marketplace will allow users to view real-time data to participate in ongoing token sales, as well as the option to buy tokens that have completed sales on the marketplace. Users can also view the assets they own in the ‘Home’ tab.

In addition, OKX Wallet offers users the ability to speed up or cancel transactions, which no other wallet currently provides. This feature will allow users to have greater control over their transactions, making the process faster and more efficient.

OKX has been a longstanding supporter of Bitcoin, having integrated the Lightning Network to its centralized exchange more than two years ago. Recently, OKX also joined Okcoin’s Open Source Developer Grants program in support of independent developers building and enhancing the Bitcoin protocol. In the coming weeks, OKX will announce additional support for the Bitcoin protocol and community.

OKX Wallet – DEX has launched its Bitcoin (BTC) cross-chain swap, making it one of the first decentralized exchanges to offer this functionality. This additional feature is available on both web and mobile.

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With the launch of the BTC cross-chain swap, OKX users can quickly and easily exchange their tokens for BTC, and vice versa, without the need to leave OKX Wallet or switch to CeFi mode. This means that OKX Wallet – DEX users can obtain BTC within the DeFi environment with zero platform fees, while easing their entry into the BRC-20 ecosystem.

The BTC cross-chain swap is processed by a third-party provider, SWFT, and is available for all major tokens from the Tron, Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, OKTC, Polygon and Optimism networks.

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