Over 10,000 New Students Joined the Crypto Community in Nigeria in 2020

Over 10,000 New Students Joined the Crypto Community in Nigeria in 2020
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    Last updated on January 7th, 2021 at 11:34 pm

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    The crypto community in Nigeria is growing at a steady rate in the country. The steroid growth in community was seen among students who signed up new crypto wallets to participate in airdrops.

    Per the info from Binance Campus Ambassadors cutting across Nigeria and Africa at large. Since 4th February 2020, the Campus Ambassadors has reached 10,000 students spanning through 30 campus webinars and 100+ AMAs monthly through the year.

    Aside the Binance Campus Ambassadors program geared towards students, another outstanding program was that drew students attention towards crypto education was the Tatcoin launch.

    In what makes up other numbers includes the other numerous online webinars and AMA activities cutting across top cryptocurrency focused online communities dominated on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. Out of all these the Binance Community is the largest active community followed by ABiT Network. 

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    These top communities includes:

    • Binance ESUT
    • Binance UNN
    • Binance ABU
    • Binance BUK
    • Binance UNIUYO
    • Binance OAU
    • Binance MOUAU
    • DiutoCoinNews Community
    • Crypto Space Hub (one of the most active WhatsApp communities)
    • Blockchain Nigeria User Group
    • ABiT Network Community
    • A1 Crypto Community

    Why did students join the Crypto Community.

    One of the top reasons gearing interest into the crypto community in Nigeria started with the lockdown triggered by Covid-19. These brought a lot of students online who have nothing to do.

    Many of them joined the crypto community looking for a bail out to their financial needs. The Uniswap airdrop took drew more attention and skyrocketed the numbers of new students looking for airdrops and free money.

    One of the most popular platforms used was Binance. Binance had 7 active Campus Ambassadors who organized over 100 AMAs through out the year targeted at students across the country.

    The easy naira deposit and withdraw attracted more and more students who were able to easily fund their crypto trading accounts with as little as N200 naira to trade and make withdrawal.

    What were they taught?

    The common topics taught include: 

    • Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.
    • How to Use Binance
    • How to Open Crypto Wallets
    • How to Participate in Airdrops
    • How to Trade Cryptocurrencies

    These and numerous other crypto and blockchain focused topics were taught to these new students out of which 90% of the new students joined the community.

    Other top projects that drew more and more students was the Tatcoin boom. The launch of Tatcoin saw new students joining the community to learn about cryptocurrency and how to open Bitcoin wallets. Tatcoin was the first crypto that majority of them happened to buy.

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