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Remitano Crypto Writing Competition: Publish Your Essay Article on “How I Got My First Bitcoin” and Stand A Chance To Win 200 USDTether.

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Last updated on October 13th, 2022 at 08:38 am

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Remitano Crypto Writing Competition: Publish Your Essay Article on “How I Got My First Bitcoin” and Stand A Chance To Win 200 USDTether.

The popular Bitcoin kios Remitano, just announced its crypto writing competition dubbed remitano crypto writing competition. This is to celebrate ten years of bitcoin existence and usage.

The remitano crypto writing competition is to celebrate not only the ten years of Bitcoin as a digital currency but also to celebrate the upcoming Bitcoin halving happening in not less than six months.  

The remitano crypto writing competition starts today and ends on Febuary 28, 2020. All article entries will be written on the topic “How I Got My First Bitcoin.”

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Criteria for the Crypto Writing Competition:

  • Content: More than 1,000 words but less than 2,000 words expressing your views and experiences on the topic (in English language). 
  • Content format: You can rewrite the article title (as long as it carries the same meaning as the writing competition article). 
  • The essay must include a title, opening, body and conclusion.
  • If the article expresses an individual’s opinion, he/she should clearly state the reasons for supporting/opposing and provide logical analysis and argument.
  • Essay with images, clear layout, and explanations of technical terms will be given priority.
  • If your article is translated from a foreign language, please specify the source.

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To have the opportunity to win, you can get your content in a creative formats such as infographics, photo articles, interviews, and others. Moreso, if your content contains errors in words and layout, you must try and improve it to be better. 

If you intend to participate, avoid putting up contents with plagiarism. You must write in clear language, respectful, and do not mention topics such as religion, race or politics.

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  • All the essays that gets published on the Remitano Forum will be awarded a prize of 30 USDT which is approximately N10,000 Nigerian. 
  • One best article of the month voted by Remitano will receive 200 USDTether.
  • One consolation prize for the most shared article on Facebook will get 50 USDT. (Calculated on the total share of the post introducing the article on Remitano’s official Facebook page). This will add include all articles published and shared in both January and February 2020.

Check Out Writing Jobs On Remitano

How to Join: 

When you are done writing, you can submit your article by clicking the ** Submit New Posts ** button at the top of the Forum page. You can submit as many posts as possible.

Link to remitano forum page:

Who is Qualified to Participate:

  • Have an account with a verified KYC on
  • Yoy must like Remitano’s official Facebook page and join the Facebook group.
  • You must like and share the post about the contest on Facebook with these hashtags: #Remitano, #Remitanoforum, #cryptowriting_competition

In the case of fraud, remitano reserves the right to disqualify any entries from participating or receiving his/her prize. Join Now and win at least 30 USDTether. USDTether is a cryptocurrency stablecoin pegged 1:1 to US Dollar. 

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