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Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 08:48 pm

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Bitcoin Black Review will open your eye to many opportunities in Cryptocurrency.

Airdrop hunters are mostly newbies in the Crypto Community hence most scam developers tend to take advantage of them by asking them about private key and redirecting them to phishing sites.

This has induced doubt to the airdrop Community each time a new airdrop pops up.

Review of Bitcoin Black, Scam or Legit? 

The Airdrop is not a scam project and could be categorized as the most powerful airdrop in 2018/2019.

Opportunities like this comes once in every decade, have you ever imagined of holding around 50,000XRP? I know you missed it but here is another better chance.

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4 Reasons to Prove Bitcoin Black (BCB) Airdrop is Legit.

1. This is not another cheap Ethereum token that takes few hours to create, Bitcoin Black has it own independent Blockchain Developed by Prolific Australian Developers.

2. The Dev team promotes even distribution hence the coin won’t be worth less when it goes public.

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to get FREE BCB coins.

3. You have nothing to loose if you sign up but $36 worth of coin to gain free of charge.

4. It is a Community project and can’t be manipulated by Dev Team or any whale.

Get $36 worth of BCB Token for just signing up.

Steps on how to register for Bitcoin Black Airdrop.

• follow the link and visit the website

• Click the drop down menu at the top right.

• Scroll down and click Register.

• Enter a valid email and other required details.

• Submit registration,  a link will be sent to your email, check your email including spam folder, click the link and set your password – Bingo..

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About The Author

By Goodluck Timothy

A Crypto Currency Enthusiast, Crypto Trading Mentor and Educator, a Philantropist and Occasional Blogger.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Bitcoin Black Airdrop… Scam or Legit?”
  1. btc black couldd easily out pace bitcoin 2 to 1 in a matter of a coiuple of years. btc black has the potential to hit the 100,000 usd mark

  2. The airdrop rewards follows what ShareCash #1 Influencer is doing. I did all I could with ShareCash Influencer but did not get paid after cash out. As I speak now, that money for cash out is still pending, and its almost 2 weeks gone, from the date for payment. This Bitcoin Black seems similar, so I don’t trust these kind of games. Seems more like a scam.
    Bitcoin Black says its Australian. I also registered on an Australian registered company called, CLC Success Investments. This one was the same. When cashed out, money stayed in pending, and is still in pending, and NOT paid out.
    Guys dont be fooled.

    1. Hello Arnold,

      Please note that there are no money to cash out on the website and have no affiliation with ShareCash whatsoever.

      The bounty program will reward 110 people that brought in the highest number of people to the airdrop and also airdrop 3600 coin to 1 million people that subscribed for the airdrop – that’s the truth and nothing more.
      Check our FAQ out and also our white paper for more detail

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