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Sendcash Africa Opens in Ghana 

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Sendcash, a six months old Nigerian based exchange powered by Buycoins Africa launches in Ghana, incorporating Ghana cedes to the list of fiats supported on the platform.

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Since its debut into the crypto space, Sendcash Africa has been up on it’s a game as it has successfully made $6.5 million transfers round the world.

What is Sendcash: Sendcash is a medium used in sending money to anywhere in the world in minutes even though you don’t have a a bitcoin wallet, your bitcoin wallet is linked with your Nigeria based fait account ,when any BTC (bitcoin) is sent to the wallet an equivalent in Naira is sent to your fait bank account. With Sendcash the receiver does not need to have complex knowledge of cryptocurrencies. 

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How to Use Sendcash to Send Naira and Cedi:

  • Visit sendcash.africa.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send.
  • Enter the amount (in any currency) you wish to send and click on “Continue”.
  • Copy the BTC amount to send and address to send to. 
  • Note the amount in BTC and copy the BTC wallet address into your Cash App or Coinbase account and send.

Now, imagine Goodness in Ghana sending cedes using bitcoin from any exchange like Cash App or coinbase straight to your Ghanaian accounts in minutes. The company took to its Twitter handle to announce this upgrade to its customers and it has been received with Open Hearts by customers both home and in diaspora. 

As at june 24, three months after SendCash Africa was launched to enable people send money to their Naira accounts via bitcoin, it has  crossed 1bn worth of transactions via bitcoin in Nigeria. The maximum amount that can be transferred daily is $1000 in accordance with CBN’s Anti money laundering policy. 

If you are looking for any easier means to send Bitcoin to family and friends with no prior knowledge of bitcoin in Ghana or Nigeria. You can try it with Sendcash Ghana or Sendcash Nigeria, your money is safe.


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