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A Sneak Peek of Blockfinex, Another Emerging Cryptocurrency Exchange Focused on the African Market

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Danny Oyekan, the CEO of Blockfinex dropped a sneak peek view of Blockfinex, the Dan Holdings’ cryptocurrency exchange scheduled to launch at a later date.

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In an earlier report by DiutoCoinNews in March, 2020. Dan Holdings announced plans to launch three new stablecoins for the African market including; Naira, Dollar and Gold stablecoins.

In a recent post on medium, Danny Oyekan commenting on stablecoins said;

‚ÄúNonetheless, at Dan Holdings we have recently put effort and capital behind Stablecoins as part of our unrelenting dedication to emerging technologies. At the moment, we have both USD and NGN Stable coins. We believe in the potential of Stablecoins to drive the adoption of digital services in emerging markets which will fuel recovery and growth of the economies in which they operate.” 

Aside cryptocurrency exchange trading, Blockfinex according to the earlier report will be offering lending and portfolio investments to it’s users across Africa.

The yet to launch Blockfinex is reportedly said to be capable of processing up to 27 million transactions per second, competing with the likes of Binance and others.

About Blockfinex

Blockfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange owned by Dan Holdings which is yet to launch. It is said to be capable of performing over 27 million transactions per second making it one of the world’s largest exchanges across Africa until launch.


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