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Swap Your Old Tatcoin (TAT) Now to New Tatcoin Address (TAT2).

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ABiT Network is currently swapping old tatcoin in circulation to a new contract address to help regulate the Tatcoin that it supposed to be in circulation properly. 

ABiT Network said that too many investors benefited from the system glitch that happened during the Tatcoin distribution process while many investors were able to withdraw a bigger amount of Tatcoin not meant for them.

Following the above reported issue, the platform swapped the token to a new contract address. Now those who have their Tatcoins outside of ABiT Network are required to manually verify ownership of the Token they are holding.

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The verification process is now out and anyone holding it can now submit their details for the verification. 

Provide this information below before using the link to submit your manual verification details. 

  • Where is your TATCOIN presently stored (eg bidesk, imtoken, trust wallet)? 
  • Kindly provide us with the wallet address of where you bought it from
  • Total number of TAT bought
  • Total number of TAT left in your wallet
  • Wallet Address of where you bought TAT from
  • Wallet Address of where your TAT is presently stored
  • Screenshot of your TAT buy history 
  • Screenshot of your present TAT balance 
  • ERC20 wallet where you want your new TAT2 sent to.
  • Kindly re-enter your ERC20 wallet where you want your new TAT2 sent to 

After providing the details above, then proceed and submit same using the manual verification link for swapping TAT to TAT2.

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