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Grams Wallet Launched By Telegram Goes Life On Testing Mode.

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Grams Wallet Launched By Telegram Goes Life On Testing Mode.

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Telegram has launched its crypto wallet, Grams Wallet in testing mode. It is now available for download on MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu with the source code available on GitHub.

After releasing the TON testnet explorer and node software in September, telegram sets to take with Wallet launch.

Users can now download the test Grams wallet client from its website. Users can create an address and receive private keys as well as request and test Gram tokens in the app through a Telegram bot called TestTonBot.

TestTonBot users can request 5 to 20 tokens to generated address. TestTonBot then credits user crypto address on the apps with the test tokens.  The bot sends notification to users on executing token request and on crediting test Grams to user wallet.

Uers can look up for transaction details on the TON testnet network. The test transactions are visible on the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet explorer with details such as transaction time, date, amount, receiving and sender address.

The app transactions of the TestTonBot’s wallet address (sender) and the last recorded transaction are also visible on the network.


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