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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 09:24 am

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EOS NIGERIA is a community of vibrant individuals from different backgrounds. With over 500 community members. A community driven platform made of individuals, who are enthusiastic about Blockchain Technology Individuals interested in utilizing this Technology to better the lives of its community through the creation of DApps and other things beneficial to its community. Individuals who are willing to make the world free and the economy decentralised and accessible to the least person among it’s community.
Eosng aims to use the block rewards to make a good team that will specialize in building decentralized softwares (DApps) . These DApps will be geared towards the betterment of the live of its community and Africa at large.

The community also aims to organise a platform where interested individuals will come and learn how to develop DApps and be equally trained efficiently to beat he international market.

The community equally wants to give back to the community for it’s love and stance with the community throughout it’s progress. This is to be done through social impact funds by giving scholarships , donations and other aids to the society in other to keep Africa growing for the better. Alleviating poverty in its very own little way.
The community members has been response and active. Starting from when the community did a little Private Pre-sale to raise funds to support the BP candidate since its capital intensive. The community responded quite well. This saw the community registering on EOS.IO as a Block Producer candidate with the account name eosnigeriago on 19/07/2018 at 7:17:28 with the following details :


ID: 42127553


RAM: 64G


Operating System : Ubuntu Server 64-Bit

CPU Speed: 3.6GHz, 15M Cache CPU
2x 500 GB SSD HD

The community had organised serious of meet-up before becoming a BP candidate of the EOS network. This showed the spirit that abounds with the community. These series of meet-up had been held in various venues of the country including Uyo,Lagos and Ibadan. The community had a common chant attached to its unity which is common to its members.


Image from EOSng. All images from EOSng

This chant goes thus:

What is life without a community,
What is a community without people
People to love
People to grow with
People to build with
People to teach and learn from
People to serve
People to inspire
People to share in your pain and be a part of your joy
We are on a journey
We need each other’s strength
We need each other’s warmth
We need each other’s backs
Why walk alone when there’s a community specially created for you.

As was posted on eosng steemit account.

The community team members include: Ogueke Munachi, who is the Business and Strategy Director.

Kenneth Akure, who is the Technical Director and Research Lead.

Moses Nwosu, who is the Public Relations Manager.

Yemi Adeyemo, who is the Campaign Manager.

And other team members.

These team members help to keep the community alive through different programs organised towards the unity, togetherness and progress of EOSng. Notable among this was the online meeting held on Zoom where questions were entertained from the community. These questions were diligently treated for the good of the community. Another notable event was the yet to be concluded ONO Token Giveaway. Where the Kenneth Akure, The Technical Director and Research Lead announced the ONO Token Giveaway to the community members who had always been in support of the community.



EOS.IO is software that introduces Blockchain architecture designed to accommodate or enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications . It is maintained by a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system. The blockchain was created by Dan Larimer the creator of Steemit and Bitshares. The DPoS system of EOS allows users to vote for block producers. These producers are rewarded tokens for validating transactions and maintaining the Blockchain.

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  1. @EOS NIG
    With the Dapps connect.
    Nigeria is becoming more acquainted with crypto.
    But why are Africans so much interested in EOS….

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