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Top 10 Blockchain Games (GameFi) Projects to Make You Rich in 2022. 

By Tony Chimdiuto Mar4,2022 ##games #gameFi #NFT
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Last updated on October 11th, 2022 at 10:06 pm

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Blockchain games (gamefi) projects that could make you Rich in 2022. 

Blockchain games are becoming popular within and outside the digital asset community. Today, most blockchain-based games utilize non-fungible tokens to reward players for wins. After which, they can sell those NFTs on marketplaces for cash. Experts call this approach play-to-earn, helping gamers earn money while playing their favourite crypto games. A term called GameFi

Let’s take a look at the top ten blockchain games (gamefi) platforms out there. There are so many opportunities for gamers and investors alike. Here are our top 10 blockchain games (gamefi) projects

  1. Splinterlands
  2. Alien wars 
  3. Axie Infinity 
  4. The Sandbox
  5. Decentraland 
  6. God’s unchained
  7. Battle Racers
  8. Dogami
  9. MAD Meta Scientists
  10. Spider Tanks 


Splinterlands is a collectable card game that allows players to buy and sell digital cards with unique NFT identifiers. The game features more than 500 cards for players to collect and they can also be used in battles. That includes via the game’s website, as well as its mobile app. This allows players to play the game, sell or trade cards, as well as earn rewards from doing so, anywhere. The NFT cards that players can collect also come in four different rarities 

Other options for players include the ability to combine cards for more levels, convert the cards to crypto, and sell them on multiple platforms. In addition to this, players that don’t want to part with their cards permanently can instead rent them out to other players. Splinterlands also has a big focus on drawing crypto fans in with rewards for playing the game.

Players that sign up for Splinterlands will also have a Hive crypto wallet automatically generated for them. Players can use this wallet to store crypto funds and use that to buy in-game items. They can also earn HIVE tokens by taking part in the Splinterlands community. Also, Splinterlands is cross-compatible with other blockchains, such as Ethereum.

Alien Worlds 

Alien worlds is a game finance (GameFi) metaverse, where gamers can earn rewards when they play games. Today, this platform operates on numerous blockchains, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). When players compete, they earn the project’s native currency called Trilium (TLM). Being a blockchain game, interested users can play games and mine NFT cards, which ultimately helps them earn money. When on Alien Worlds, you can participate in many activities, such as engaging in quests, mining NFTs, and competing with other players. This metaverse is spread over seven planets, and users can exchange non-fungible tokens and the native currency for cash. 

Ever since its creation, Alien Worlds have continued to attract more game players. Today, the relatively new platform has millions of gamefi players globally, making it one of the most played blockchain games in the crypto community.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was developed by Sky Mavis, a technology-focused game studio founded in early 2018. The whole Axie ordeal is inspired by Pokemons and Tamagotchi games. Axie Infinity is classified as an NFT gamefi platform, that allows individuals to earn token from playing this blockchain game as they breed, race, battle, and trade Axie creatures in the marketplace. Axie Infinity’s mission was to function as a fun and educational way to introduce the world to blockchain technology. Many of the developers and the team members met from plating Cryptokitties, which then evolved to them working on the Axie game and introducing the magic of blockchain technology to players.

All art assets and Axie data can be accessed by third parties, allowing the community developers to build their own tools and experiences to improve the Axie Infinity universe. The difference between Axie and our traditional games is that blockchain economic design rewards their players for contributing to the ecosystem (gamefi approach). This means that the more you contribute to the Axie universe, the more rewards to reap.

The Sandbox 

The is a play-to-earn game that combines blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs in a 3D metaverse. Its virtual world allows players to create and customize their games and digital assets with free design tools. The virtual goods created can then be monetized as NFTs and sold for SAND tokens on The Sandbox Marketplace.

The SAND token is the native token of The Sandbox. It is used as the basis of all transactions and interactions in the game. SAND can be earned through playing games and contests in The Sandbox or purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, OKX etc.

The Sandbox is a dynamic virtual world with user-generated creations. Players can build and create their own NFTs, including avatars, virtual goods, and even games using VoxEdit and Game Maker. Not only can they use the virtual goods to interact with other players, but they can also monetize these NFTs by trading on the Sandbox Marketplace.


Decentraland is a virtual world and community based on blockchain technology. Users develop and own plots of land, artwork, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Members also participate in the platform’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

As a DAO, Decentraland gives its community the power to participate in the project’s governance. Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency, MANA, and all in-game assets are on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland is an online space combining virtual reality with blockchain technology. Unlike most online games, players have direct control over the rules of the online world. The DAO allows token holders to vote directly on in-game and organizational policies. This mechanism affects everything, from the types of items allowed to investments for the DAO’s treasury.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game designed to infuse elements of NFT into a familiar card trading gaming genre. Players accumulate cards by purchasing them from other players or winning PVP matchups where the quality of cards and the gaming skill of players often determine the winner. Notably, more emphasis is being placed on skills and strategy. This is because the game utilizes a ranked game mode where players with the same ratings are matched.

You win matches when your gameplay causes your opponent’s life to drop to zero before yours. For every win, you receive experience points. As soon as the experience bar is filled up, you will move to the next rating or level and receive a new pack of cards to add to your collection.

Note that each card is backed by an ERC-721 token. Therefore, you can trade them on the platform’s native marketplace or the open market. Those opting to sell cards within the game ecosystem will receive the platform’s native token, GODS, as payment. It is worth noting that the GODS token has not been officially launched at the time of writing this guide. Be sure to confirm that the development team has released GODS tokens to the crypto market before proceeding to purchase or receive any token marketed as GODS tokens.

Battle Racers

As its name implies, Battle Racers is inspired by popular titles like Super Mario Kart and F-Zero. The whole idea is to combine different weapons and parts in order to create the most powerful cars. Players get to mix different parts and weapons that will give them some sort of advantage on the arcade-sized tracks. You can register your winning or prized cars on the blockchain as NFTs and subsequently sell them for crypto on OpenSea.

Each player looks to create the ultimate car by favouring different skills and stats. You could choose handling over-speed or defence over firepower, all in the hopes of emerging victorious in tournaments. This game is currently playable on Decentraland, which in itself is a blockchain-based virtual world.


Dogami is a joyful mobile-first play-to-earn game that is centred around 3D NFT dog avatars. In essence, gamers can engage in four main activities in the ‘Metaverse’: adopt, play, earn, and socialize. The overarching objective of the game is to develop the rarest and best dog. Dogami offers attractive play-to-earn mechanisms, most notably in-game play-to-earn rewards.

The game features an entire “Metaverse”, which is composed of more than 300 different DOGAMI breeds, each of which has its own different traits. These cute critters come in four different rarity scales — bronze, silver, gold, and diamond — and benefit from unique traits.

Dogami is one of the few blockchain games and DeFi projects to be built on the Tezos blockchain and will include both NFT and play-to-earn features.

The game is somewhat similar to Nintendo’s Nintendogs in that users can nurture their puppies to adulthood — albeit through a mobile-based 3D augmented reality interface. By playing the game and building up their NFTs through its various game modes, players will earn revenue in the form of DOGA tokens.

The Dogami story is being crafted by alumni from Image Comics and Marvel Comics. The game is also backed by several heavyweight investors including the likes of The Sandbox, Ubisoft, and Animoca Brands, with advisors hailing from these firms too.

According to the official roadmap, the first generation of DOGAMI NFTs will be released in Q1 2022, whereas the beta version of the game (including AR features) will go live in Q2.

MAD Meta Scientists Games

MAD Metascientists is an upcoming NFT-powered game that features a wide array of unique gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics, providing players with an expansive digital landscape of entertainment and opportunities.

The game is centred around unique tokenized scientists who are tasked with pushing “the boundaries of knowledge and creation” by harvesting a rare resource known as MAD Metafuel. These scientists can evolve collectable NFTs known as MAD Meta Cells, as well as MAD Nanocells — which can vary in their traits and rarity, and are used to battle other cells to earn the player resources and rewards.

The game will launch with the one-time exclusive mint of 10,000 MAD Metascientist NFTs, which users can use to explore the expansive MAD Metaverse (known as the Madverse) in search of MAD Metafuel. For those that miss the original Metascientist NFT drop, MAD Metacells and MAD Nanocells will act as the primary gameplay element — and these can be evolved, bought, sold, and traded.

As a play-to-earn game, MAD Metascientists allows players to earn rewards for their in-game activities in the form of MAD tokens ($MAD) and MAD Metafuel, which can be sold on the marketplace or used for a variety of in-game mechanics — such as creating MAD Metacells.

MAD Metascientists stands apart from other NFT games in that players can use its proprietary “host protocol” technology to alter their gameplay using digital collectibles they hold from other popular NFT collections — such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Meebits.

MAD Metascientists is the first game in the MADVerse. The genesis drop for the MAD Metascientists NFTs as well as the metal scientists lab (its in-game dashboard) is currently slated to launch in Q1 2022.

Spider Tanks Games

Designed by the Netherlands-based game studio Gamedia and leveraging the play-to-earn technology of Gala Games, Spider Tanks aims to become one of the first esports titles to leverage the unique benefits of blockchain technology.

The game is an expansive PVP brawler that sees players duke it out across various game modes using their user-configured weaponized tanks to earn rewards.

Many items within the game (including tanks, bodies and weapons) are represented as NFTs and are fully tradable, with their unique properties and rarity heavily influencing their value. Likewise, each tank is massively upgradeable, with players able to swap out bodies, weapons and items to maximize their chances of success.

As you can see from the in-game footage below, Spider Tanks features top-quality graphics, frantic gameplay, and a huge amount of customization options.

Bonus Star Atlas Games

Arguably one of the most anticipated blockchain games ever, Star Atlas is widely expected to set a new standard in the play-to-earn space by blending expansive space exploration gameplay, carefully-designed strategy elements, and top-quality graphics to produce what may be the first AAA-grade blockchain game.

The gamefi platform is primarily centred around space exploration, mining, and development. Players have the flexibility to create their custom starship, crew, and avatars, and set up mining facilities as they venture across the universe. Ships also contain battle capabilities, allowing their owners to take part in PvP and potentially PvE battles to win resources and control over different sectors.

Most in-game assets will be represented on the blockchain as NFTs and will be tradeable on the Star Atlas marketplace. Some items will be consumable.

Some of the basic game functionality is currently up-and-running, including the Star Atlas marketplace, in-game inventory (wallet), and faction selection, but the full-fledged game is expected to launch in late 2022. A live roadmap is currently being maintained here.


Which of the gaming platforms interest you the most and which will you check out. Kindly drop a comment below to share your thoughts. Follow us on our social media platforms, so that you will be the first to get a notification when we post content. Also, you can join our telegram community, here we share engaging contents that can change your financial status in 2022. 

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. It is important to do your research and analysis before making any material decisions related to any of the products or services described. This article is not intended as, and shall not be construed as, financial advice.

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