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The virtual reality world is still untapped. The metaverse trend potentials are limitless. Tech giant companies are exploring and diversifying into metaverse projects. Social media giant Facebook has entered Metaverse with Horizon World App in few selected countries, with plans to expand the metaverse trend to many countries in 2022.

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In 2022, metaverse project trends will witness massive mainstream adoption. The effect will be massive when it becomes global. The lastest mainstream entry into metaverse in 2022 is Walmart metaverse project ; coming with a virtual metaverse currency and NFT. Imagine ordering your groceries and electronics in a metaverse and paying with a metaverse currency in 2022 and have it delivered to your door step.

In crypto ecosystem and gaming world, the metaverse trend is birthing more ideas that can become functional in the virtual reality space called Metaverse. We have seen metaverse trends like parties, real estate, gaming, NFts, boardroom meetings taking place in metaverse. More ideas are expected to trend and debut in metaverse in 2022.

These Metaverse projects from some of the innovative crypto companies and programmers are set to lead the metaverse in 2022. These trends ranges from Play to Earn Games to NFTs.

PAVIA Metaverse: Still in it’s infancy, Pavia Metaverse has already started trending in 2022. This metaverse project is built on Cardano stable POS network. Recently launched, Pavia pushed ADA price to an over 15% increase. Crypto ecosystem thrives on trend. The PAVIA has lands and gaming facilities. Similar to other metaverse projects, Pavia also has an in-game currency – PAVIA – used for utility purposes inside its metaverse ecosystem,25% of this native token was airdrop to Pavia NFT landholders right after a blockchain snapshot in December 2021. Uniquely, it plans to partner with cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse; to enable users design their personalised avatar compatible outside PAVIA ecosystem in more than 700 applications and game. Monitor this project and get on with the trend while it lasts.

8BITWorld Metaverse Project: This metaverse project is a Fantom Foundation project. With the trend created by Fantom in 2022 already, the trend for metaverse in 2022 will definitely focus on this project. To solve the huge Ethereum fees in other metaverse projects, Fantom ecosystem assembled team of 100 top cryotoverse engineer developers to built what it terms the new leader. C Monet, the leading marketing project management company will oversea the roll out and ensure mainstream domination of the fantom metaverse project. These Metaverse projects will trend in 2022 as it plants to launch the metaverse right after Beta V2, which is in Q1 2022.

The 2021 metaverse trend leaders like Sandbox, Axie Infinity and Decentraland land MANA, trended last year, amassing over 1000% profits for it’s investors, but like all crypto trends, the allure of these projects are warning, as they have reached peak of profit and the law of diminishing return has set it. They are still viable but the new entrants are set to provide pecks that the oldies couldn’t. It is 2022, metaverse project with new niche like the above eplored two in the article have a strong chance to trend, due your due diligence and monitor their progress.

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