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U.S Mayors Interested In Being Paid In Bitcoin Increases

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The number of U.S Mayor’s who want to collect their paycheck in Bitcoin is increasing. The Miami Mayor has indicated that he wants to collect his entire salary in Cryptocurrency, and two other U.S Mayor’s have said that they would also like to convert their paycheck into Bitcoin. And also the Mayor-elect of the city of New York wants his first three paychecks in crypto.

At the time of this writing, at least three Mayors and a mayor-elect have expressed the desire to receive their salaries in Crypto.

The first mayor to indicate that he would like to be paid in Bitcoin is Francis Suarez the Mayor of Miami, Florida, who tweeted on Tuesday 2nd of November, “I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in Bitcoin.”

While responding to the tweet of Miami’s Mayor, Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York also tweeted that he loves to take his first three paychecks as a mayor once he resumes office.

Subsequently, after Eric Adams tweet, Francis Suarez was featured in an interview with Fox Business. And he said that he will not only collect his next paycheck in Bitcoin but he will receive his whole salary in BTC. 

The Mayor also stated that he will not be the first to collect his salary in Bitcoin, but the city’s CIO “was the first employee to take a percentage of his salary in bitcoin”

The mayor stressed that they will not force anyone, “it will be completely optional” he said. We want our workers to have that possibility, but it will not be something we’ll force on them, he explained further.

Suarez who was recently reelected into office is trying to build Miami into the crypto capital of the world. The other two mayors are mayor Scott Conger of the city of Jackson, Tennessee and mayor Jane Castor of Tampa, Florida. This increase is a point for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large. 

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