Understanding Dashy Africa; The Solution To Some Life Issues In African.

Understanding Dashy Africa; The Solution To Some Life Issues In African.
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    Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 11:41 am

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    Dashy Africa is a non-profit educational and promotional organization. With the goal of promoting Dash Digital Cryptocurrency in Africa. Spreading the gospel about it’s benefits and use case in the region. It’s use in economic, social and political lifes of the people. This organization is headed by Nathaniel Luz. Nathaniel Luz is the Ambassador of Dash Digital Cryptocurrency to Africa. Dashy Africa has its office located at No 8 Mosheha Street Onilekere Cement Bus Stop Ikeji Lagos, Nigeria.


    Dashy Africa has set up different strategies towards achieving it’s goal. This strategies ranges from holding conferences, events, meet-ups, organizing seminars, setting up academic suites and reaching out for the mass adoption of Dash Digital Cryptocurrency.

    An Entrepreneurship and Blockchain Seminar was held in Ghana around April 2018, during which Dash Africa had up to 1000 participants present. These participants were thought about Dash Digital Cryptocurrency and it’s use cases. This is a part of its fulfillment towards achieving it’s goal of mass adoption in Africa. Radio Shows were equally held in northern Ghana were Dash Cryptocurrency were made known to public. Notebooks on Dash Cryptocurrency was equally distributed among students to enhance their study of Dash.

    Sometime in April Dash had a Road and TV shows in Sierra-Leone where Dash Cryptocurrency awareness were spread around the region. This equally led to a closed door meeting with the Dash Africa Team and Africell, a popular mobile recharge platform in Sierra-Leone discussing on the acceptance of Dash as a medium of payment for mobile recharge through Bitrefill Recharge Platform.

    Also, Events were held in Central Africa during which the gospel of Dash Cryptocurrency was equally spread to the region. Some ambassadors were selected to represent and help in promoting Dash to the most remote part of the region.

    More over, the Dash Africa Team wishes to help in building the African region through offering support for young ideas that can make the lifes of its occupants better through the use of the Dash Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology. This is to help the African community grow and benefit in the new technology BLOCKCHAIN.


    The relentless struggle for Dash mass adoption in Africa Led to the launch of an Online Academy were Dash Cryptocurrency Tutorials were held. These Academy teaches Dash Cryptocurrency, what it is and it’s use cases in the economic, social and political lifes of the Africa.

    The African market has a huge potential for Blockchain Adoption. The high fees set by bank for transactions and for it’s services is solved through the use of Dash Digital Cryptocurrency which has less transaction fees and equally fast and efficient transactions are recorded. Thus , overcoming huge transaction cost offered by the banks, delayed transactions, efficient transaction which has no errors and more so identity theft is overcomed. Using Dash Cryptocurrency one can transact privately without been traced. This ensures that identity theft is fought against giving every individual right to freedom of privacy.

    The Dashy Africa through its support for young ideas in Africa will equally help in the growth of the region. Making the world more of a digital globe. Where things are done for the betterment of its regions and it’s settlers.

    This is of a very big benefit to the unbanked africans. They can safely open a Dash Wallet account. Buy Dash with their fiat currency and store it in their wallet. The use cases of Dash Cryptocurrency abounds because it can be accepted by any firm or persons who wishes to use it as a medium of payment. It can equally be traded on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The trading on Cryptocurrency Exchanges offers the benefit of serving as a platform of Cryptocurrency Investment for whoever wishes to, prior to understanding it’s risks and rewards.


    Through this means the lifes of the Africans can be made easier. Economically some poor regions can be alleviated through the knowledge that abounds in Dash Cryptocurrency benefits. Politically the Dash Blockchain can be used in solving some political issues ranging from Voting during elections, Land Ownership, Identify Theft etc. And socially it makes life easier reducing the stress that abounds in going to and fro the bank for it’s services.

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