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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 09:22 am

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I know this is ridiculous at the moment to some people anyway. But the good news here is that the Blockchain Technology Adoption is gaining traction in Africa and particularly in Nigeria. Too many organizations has existed towards the adoption of this new technology in Nigeria. Sometime around July The Africa Blockchain Hub was launched by KAD ICT Hub, Kaduna in partnership with the Kaduna Government. Also Le Blanc Crypto Group a new organization with the aim of spreading the knowledge about Blockchain Technology will be holding a Blockchain Summit in Lagos this September. All these are aimed towards the mass adoption of Blockchain Technology. The Technology of Transparency.

Recently it was gathered from Localbitcoins by Coindance that Nigeria had traded $258.3m worth of Bitcoin out of the $6.23b traded so far on Localbitcoins. The figure is quite amazing. This puts Nigeria on the International Map as the country with the highest transaction on bitcoin at Localbitcoins from Africa. Thou the Nigerian government seems to be adamant to the new Technology. The trend is inevitable for adoption.

The apex university in Nigeria. University Of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu State had recently updated it’s site with a post which had kept the Cryptocurrency Community in Nigeria amazed. The post was seen by Diutocoinnews on 26th Of August 2018. It only displayed a picture which indicated the possible issuance of a Cryptocurrency or Digital Token that will be used in the University ecosystem. The rumored token

“University Of Nigeria, Nsukka Coin”

as it was written on the picture posted, if issued will be a big Blow to the Blockchain Adoption in Nigeria. Though there hasn’t been any event or conference recorded in the University with regards to Blockchain Technology or Cryptocurrency. The state of Blockchain Tech adoption is still ever-green because the University boasts as the most Technically advanced Government University in Nigeria with steady 24 hours stable Wi-Fi available in the whole school premises. Moreover, a previous event on drama display was held in the University. Prof Wole Soyinka a renowned Novelist and an award winning playwright was present as a guest honor. The attendees who were willing to pay in bitcoin for the event ticket were denied access to the event. This is one of the significant events held in the University around June 2018.

However, no details have been passed across the University Community concerning the post or any intention of adopting the new Technology “Blockchain Technology”.


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  1. UNN bringing out its own coin….
    Oh I’m gonna love this because I’m a student and so much in love with this technology….

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