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Weekly On Diutocoinnews : Cryptocurrency And Cyber Crimes In Nigeria : Popular Ponzi And Cryto Crimes In 2019. | DiutoCoinNews

Weekly On Diutocoinnews : Cryptocurrency And Cyber Crimes In Nigeria : Popular Ponzi And Cryto Crimes In 2019.

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Changed from Cryptocurrency And Tech Crimes to Cryptocurrency And Cyber Crimes

The popularity of quick money making schemes is on increase in the country. We have recorded not enough Cryptocurrency And Cyber Crimes in Nigeria since 2019.

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The use of cryptocurrency in the country is no doubt a very popular development. It is mostly popular among adults from ages of 21 – 40 years. Nigerians account for over 50% usage in cryptocurrency in Africa.

The Tech sector in Nigeria is no doubt making remarkable strides in technology field around the world. Notable Cyber Crimes include the recent arrest of two notherns who hack into bank accounts using an unknown software in Minna,Nigeria. The suspects are; Abdulmalik Usman and Najeeb Saidu, both of IBB Road, Hill Top, Minna.

One of the popular money making schemes reigning in the country now, popular known as LOOM is a popular Ponzi scheme in Nigeria. This has gone viral and is eating deep into the financial status of some Nigerians. Individuals open whatsapp groups to steal from its members in the name of doubling your initial payment made to join the money making scheme. Some individuals complain of someone scamming them after promising to double their earnings.

One of the victims affected who told diutocoinnews her ordeal says:

She invited me to join his LOOM group. I paid him ₦2000 to get ₦16000. I joined his group. We were many. The whatsapp group name was Promise Looom. After making my payments. We waited after 2 days to catch out as we were promised but she started removing everybody. The victim who wishes to remain anonymous complained bitterly of how painful it was to lose her money to LOOM.

Aside LOOM. One of the latest cryptocurrency crimes now is this;

An individual will chat you up and will tell you to help him withdraw from a site. This site he has account on it and he will tell you to open an account on the same site and that he will transfer some bitcoin to you. Now when you try to withdraw it will be frozen and you will be required to deposit a said amount of bitcoin to be able to unfreeze your account. Once u do this. It will be blocked. And your funds disappears.

This is popular among cryptocurrency community. The victims of this crimes usually come from telegram on popular Cryptocurrency groups.

Individuals are advised to be vigilant and avoid been scammed of their hard earned funds.

Thank You For Staying With Us On This Edition Of Cryptocurrency And Cyber Crimes In Nigeria.

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