We’re Moving to Only Accepting Donations in Bitcoin Using BTC Pay says a Top Fundraiser for #EndSARS.

We’re Moving to Only Accepting Donations in Bitcoin Using BTC Pay says a Top Fundraiser for #EndSARS.
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    Last updated on January 26th, 2021 at 07:04 am

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    Feminist Coalition Group, a top Fundraiser for the #EndSARS campaign has officially resort to accepting donations only in Bitcoin to help sustain the protest.

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    “BTC Pay is a free, secure, decentralized and censorship-resistant platform, which makes it our best option, given the past few days #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria” Feminist Coalition Group

    Going forward, the organisation notes that donations in Bitcoin will be preferably used to collect funds in sustaining the campaign across the country.

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    Meanwhile, you can check out to learn more on how to get started with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in Nigeria using this guide here.

    Quick Facts: Bitcoin is decentralised digital currency. This means that it isn’t controlled or managed by any single authority or government. All Bitcoin transactions are confirmed and publicly stored in an immutable spreadsheet called the “blockchain”. Bitcoin is borderless (can be sent from anywhere to anywhere), decentralised (can’t be shut down by any one person or entity) and transparent (freely accessible to the public to track, record and confirm).

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    Also, you can use our buy bitcoin tab to easily buy bitcoin with Naira in Nigeria. Buycoins, Quidax, Bundle, Luno, Binance etc can also be used to buy Bitcoin using Naira and then make your donations to sustain the protest for the good of Nigeria.

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