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On December 8th, WiCrypt, a decentralized mobile internet sharing and monetization DePIN project in Nigeria, announced that it has received a $150,000 grant from Microsoft. 

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The funding will be used to expand its collaboration on the DePIN development chain. WiCrypt is headed by Aronu, who is also the CEO of Xend Finance.

A physical infrastructure network (DEPIN) refers to a network of physical devices or resources distributed across various locations and operated in a decentralized manner.

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The hotspot devices allow anyone to share their WiFi with others. Users also get to mine the WiCrypt Network Token ($WNT) while sharing their internet connection.

The decentralised nature of the WiCrypt Network ensures that internet connectivity is available in a distributed manner, leveraging the existing infrastructure instead of relying on a centralized internet service provider.

This approach can help expand internet access in areas where traditional connectivity options may be limited or expensive,” Wicrypt says.

Find out where all of WiCrypt’s Hotspot Hubs are located around the world here:

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