Bitcoin Billionaire Movie to Tell the Story of the Winkelvoss Twin Bitcoin Billionaire Brothers.

Bitcoin Billionaire Movie to Tell the Story of the Winkelvoss Twin Bitcoin Billionaire Brothers.
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    Bitcoin Billionaire movie an adaptation of the book “Bitcoin Billionaire” will be featuring the story of the billionaire twin brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss.

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    Stampede Ventures has partnered with the twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss to produce a movie featuring the twin brothers’ story as portrayed in the best-selling non-fiction book by Ben Mezrich.

    Greg Silverman of Stampede Ventures—a movie production company, will be directing the Bitcoin Billionaires movie to be released soon.

    According to the report published on Deadline, Silverman and Berg will be among the co-producers of the movie. 

    Bitcoin Billionaires was written by an American best-selling author of the “Accidental Billionaires”, Ben Mezrich. 

    He wrote the book in 2019 after the Winklevoss twins became crypto billionaires. 

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    The Winklevoss Billionaire Story 

    The “Bitcoin Billionaire” movie will continue the story of how the brothers risked everything, investing $11 million in Bitcoin back in 2013. They eventually became the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires afterwards.

    The movie will be a follow up of the “Accidental Billionaires”, who fought a legal case against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to claim their rights over Facebook, which was originally their idea. 

    A court ruling back then in 2011 awarded the brothers $65 million settlement for their claims. After which they invested about $11 million in Bitcoin in 2013 hence the book “Accidental Billionaires.”

    “The book has been translated into 12 languages.”

    Silverman said that he had known about the billionaire twins for years but was opportuned to have a copy of the book, “Bitcoin Billionaire”, from his son Caleb who happened to do an intern at the Winkelvoss Capital. 

    “Upon finishing it, it was clear to both of us that Cameron and Tyler’s remarkable redemption story, coupled with Ben’s masterful writing, would lend itself to a one of a kind movie.”

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