A Recent YouTube Bitcoin Scam Claims 0.5 BTC Through a Fake Giveaway

A Recent YouTube Bitcoin Scam Claims 0.5 BTC Through a Fake Giveaway
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    A Recent YouTube Bitcoin Scam Successfully Gains 0.5 BTC in a Confirmed Fake Giveaway Fraud

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    Just in, an unfortunate crypto guy sends out 0.5 Bitcoin to a confirmed fake giveaway scam address, losing over $7800 worth of Bitcoin at press time.

    “FAKE GIVEAWAY: One of the most popular and effective type of scams in which the scammer promises to return multiple times the amount of cryptocurrency the victims sends to them. Giveaways scammers will pretend to be a famous person or to represent a trusted company in order to gain the victim’s trust and are mostly active on Youtube, Telegram and Twitter.”

    According to the data shared by Scam Alert as seen by DiutoCoinNews, the fake giveaway scam was reportedly traced back to a YouTube video with detailed promises of doubling viewers funds. 

    The details of the fraudulent giveaway was attached to the description section of the youtube video.

    The handler was purportedly luring his views to send certain amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to qualify for a cashback in higher percentage of what they sent.

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    An unknown victim reportedly happened to send 0.5 BTC to this address, falling victim to the fraudulent giveaway alert.

    Earlier before now, there was a big money heist done using bitcoin during which Twitter accounts of high profile personnels were used to lure people into sending bitcoin to some wallet address.

    The Twitter bitcoin scam resulted in a total hack of $117,000 worth of cryptocurrency going to the hackers in one afternoon.

    Twitter disclosed that the unknown attackers targeted about 130 accounts, and were able to reset passwords to take control of about 45 accounts and retweet with them in disguise.

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