Mon. May 20th, 2024

DiutoCoinNews    – Increasing Financial Freedom Through Information

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DiutoCoinNews is a Cryptocurrency News Website, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Founded in 2018, DiutoCoinNews is the most visited crypto news media among youths in Nigeria and Africa. We have the largest educational material for students looking to start learning about cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology.


Our Vision to report unbiased news, educate the growing youths and others on the latest happenings in crypto-space to help them gain financial freedom. 

We believe the decentralized world will grow exponentially. This is why we are playing our part to help spread the word and increase the awareness of the new technology and web3 world. The advantages surrounding the new technology for today’s digital revolution. 

With the increasing breakthroughs in AI, VR, nanotech, blockchain etcetera and the increasing number of businesses and opportunities that it offers. We wish to use our experience, skills and expertise to help inform and educate the region on the advantages of the new technology.

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