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Binance to Open Trading for LTC/NGN for Binance Nigeria and Africa

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Binance announced today, the opening of LTC/NGN trading pair alongside others

Highest Bitcoin Transaction in History 

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HIstory has been made in the crypto space again as the largest transaction in the history of bitcoin trading was recorded hours ago and the wallet as usual is anonymous.

Market Insight Wednesday: Naira Reaches New All Time High Against Dollar Across Bitcoin to Naira Market

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In the last four days, the Naira to Bitcoin market opened trading at an average high of N471.5 with an average low of N462.5 per dollar.

Nigeria Bank Credit and Debit Card that You can Use to Buy Bitcoin on Crypto Exchanges and the Ones to Avoid.

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Nigerians use many fiat gateways to buy Bitcoin across the country. One of the most common methods being Naira Debit and Credit Cards.

Zimbabwe’s VF Stock Exchange Open to Crypto Listing Subject to ‘Regulatory Approval’

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Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFSE) is open to listing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies says Justin Bgoni

Chipper Cash Reportedly Looking to Support Bitcoin Trading on Its Platform

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Bitcoin Trading on Chipper Cash may become a reality months after it was added as a payment option on Binance P2P for Kenyans, South Africans and Nigerians amongst others.

Uniswap Surpasses Tether as the Largest Gas Spender on Ethereum Network

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Uniswap, the current largest decentralized exchange by trading volume has overtaken Tether’s USDT stablecoin as the largest gas spender on the Etheruem network.

Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis: Japanese Candlestick Patterns and Body Sizes

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Japanese Candlesticks is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading candlesticks. This is an integral part of technical analysis. Camdlesticks are used to recognize the behaviour of traders.

The Top Two White Label Crypto Exchange In Nigeria.

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Some people might be asking, what’s the number or list of White Label Crypto Exchange in Nigeria. But before then, let’s see the meaning or definition of this new windows open to startups in Nigeria. White Label Crypto Exchange is…