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Blockchain Version of Netflix Squid Game Set To Launch.

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Netflix’s South Korean TV series “Squid Game”, which was released last month, is becoming viral all over the world, ranking first in the broadcast charts of more than 90 countries around the world. Roblox, the NYSE-listed game creation platform, also…

Elon Musk Reclaim The Richest Man Title, Now Worth $230 Billion: That’s More than Bill Gates & Warren Buffett Combined.

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Elon Musk, crypto investor, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is not only currently the richest person in the world, but is now worth as much as fellow billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined. The 50-year-old’s net worth is $230…

A Large Whale Wallet Investor Bought 74.9 billion Shiba Inu Tokens, As Shibaswap Concludes Sale of 10k NFTs

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The sale of 10,000 “Shiboshis” NFTs on ShibaSwap was recently concluded. For the first 24 hours, exclusively LEASH holders could buy the NFTs.  The entire NFT collection sold out within 35 minutes of launch, and sources close to the meme…

Bitcoin Hits $60k, Nears All Time High As US SEC Gives Green-Light on BTC Futures ETC

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US regulators are set to allow the first US Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund to start trading, sources tell Bloomberg News, in a landmark moment for the crypto industry. The regulator isn’t likely to block the products from starting to trade…

DonJazzy Officially Announces Entrance Into Crypto Ecosystem, Donates Proceeds of NFT Sale To Charity.

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Nigerian top music producer DonJazzy announced that he is fully into cryptocurrency ecosystem, this follows his purchase of one of the collections of Nigeria cryptoartist; Owo Anietie NFT called Afrodiods. The collection according to crypto artist Owo Aniete celebrates the…

Crypto Has Value: Putin, Russian President Says.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks cryptocurrencies have value — but he’s not convinced they can replace the U.S. dollar in settling oil trades. Asked whether bitcoin or another cryptocurrency could be used as an alternative to the dollar in trading oil —…

Bank of Ghana Issues Scam Alert On Money Doubling Ponzi Scheme

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In a press release, Bank of Ghana announced that it has identified a money doubling scheme disguising under the pseudo name “Worldremit” engaging in illegal business of international money transfer. The release reads, ” the fraudulent scheme is distinct from…

Solana’s Phantom Wallet Beefs Up Security After Scammers Drain Users Wallets.

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Solana-based digital wallet Phantom has strengthened its cyber defenses after weeks of user-reported scams that drained victims’ crypto token balances. The wallet, analogous to Ethereum’s Metamask, exiled its “auto-approve” transaction feature to the back of the app, an Oct. 7 blog…

Serie A’s SS Lazio SPA Main Jersey Sponsor is Binance. In Over €30 Million Deal.

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Latest in the series of Binance massive marketing campaign in Crypto ecosystem is the adoption of Binance branded jersey by top tier Italian first football club Società Sportivo Lazio- SS Lazio. The sponsorship is part of Binance foray into sports…

Coinbase Is Launching NFT Market Place. Target to Displace Opensea As Leading NFT Ecosystem Player

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The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase disclosed on Tuesday that it plans to launch a marketplace that lets users mint, collect and trade NFTs, or nonfungible tokens. Users can sign up to a waitlist for early access to the feature, the company…