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Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex Shuts Down Withdrawals And Deposits.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has temporarily shut down withdrawals and deposits service, as per the tweet this day May 31. The tweet reads “due to the outrage of one of our network providers, we temporarily stopped deposits and withdrawals. Funds are…

Zimbabwe High Court Lifts Cryptocurrency Trading Ban.

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) as was gathered, failed to appear for court proceedings in a case involving the Zimbabwe crypto exchange, Golix (also known as Bitfinex) is seeking reversal of the central bank’s directive that it stop virtual…

Bitfinex Partners With Connamara

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Connamara specializes in delivering large scale, highly-available, distributed systems. Quality is assured through the use of strong reliable development methods. Connamara is focused on test driven development, automated testing and continuous integration. gateway-support@connamara.com for FIX accessibility via integrations as its…