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$100 Million In Crypto Has Been Stolen In A Big Hack.

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Hackers looted about $100 million from Harmony’s HARMONYONE Horizon bridge, the latest cross-chain protocol to be hacked in crypto ecosystem, suffering a loss that represents two-thirds of its total capital. Blockchain Harmony said in a tweet that the hack of its Horizon bridge, which lets…


Need For Large Scale Education To Stop Hacks And Scams In Crypto Ecosystem.

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According to a study by Chainalysis, scammers got away with $14 billion worth of crypto in 2021, which represents hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of victims in a community where every negative experience affects everything. Scams are shattering mainstream confidence in crypto, perhaps…

Whopping $10m Paid In Largest Bounty Payout Record.

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A whitehat (ethical security hacker) who goes by the pseudonym satya0x, on February 24th, responsibly disclosed a critical bug in the Wormhole core bridge contract on Ethereum and earned $10 million in a largest bounty record. This bug was an…

Millions In NFT Stolen Today, Following OpenSea Contract Migration.

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A hacker has used recent Opensea contract migration situation to their advantage, actively stealing and flipping high-valued NFTs from users on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT exchange, causing chaos and confusion in the broader NFT community. The modus operandi for…

Netflix To Make Film About The $4.6 Billion Bitfinex 2016 Hack Heist.

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On Friday, Netflix announced that it has ordered the production of documentary Series about the married couple’s alleged scheme to launder billions of dollars worth of stolen cryptocurrency in the biggest criminal financial crime case in history. Statement released on…

North Korean Hackers Stole $400M Worth of Crypto In 2021: Chainalysis

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Dictator Kim Jong-Un nation of North Korea crypto hackers stole almost $400 million in crypto through cyber attacks in 2021 according to new data from Chainalysis on the hostile nation, facing various global economic sanctions. According to cointelegraph report, the…

Crypto Hacks & Scam Report Shows That Over $10 Billion Was Stolen By Scammers In 2021.

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The “Crypto Hacks & Scams Report 2021” recently released as assessment of crypto losses through scam by Crystal Blockchain, a firm involved in investigative analytics for block chain and crypto currencies showed an over 80 per cent rise in crypto…

Bilaxy Crypto Exchange Hacked, Users Urged Not To Deposit As Hacker Took Control Of ERC20 Wallet.

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Bilaxy, a Seychelles-based crypto exchange, announced on Sunday that its ERC20 hot wallet has been hacked, resulting in a heavy loss. Though the exchange is lesser-known one, the hack could be one of the largest seen in the industry. The exchange…