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Exxon Mobil To Start Bitcoin/Crypto Mining In Nigeria.

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Oil giant, Exxon Mobil Corp. plans to run pilot program in Nigeria using excess natural gas that would otherwise be flared off from it’s Qua Ibom oil terminal to power cryptocurrency-mining operations and reduce gas emissions. Qua Iboe Terminal is one…

Kazakhstan Unrest/Internet Shutdown Stifles Global Bitcoin Mining Operations.

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Kazakhstan the second largest centre for mining of cryptocurrencies is facing civil unrest, Bitcoin took a hit on Thursday after the internet in Kazakhstan was shut down amid intensifying violence. The hashrate at major crypto mining pools – groups of miners in…

Global Cyber Security Coy Detects 1500 Fraudulent Crypto Attacks, 0.71% Of The Strike Is On Nigerian Users.

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In 2021, so far, Kaspersky has detected more than 1,500 fraudulent global resources aimed at potential crypto investors or users who are interested in cryptocurrency mining. During this period, the company also prevented more than 70,000 user attempts globally, to visit such…

OKEx and Yield Farming on Centralized Exchanges.

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What is Yield Farming? Yield Farming simply means the process of staking or locking up a cryptocurrency or token to receive another token in return as a reward for staking.

Understanding What is Cryptomining Like Bitcoin Mining and How it Works.

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Bitcoin Mining Explained What is Crypto Mining: Cryptocurrency mining is the process in which transactions between user A and B are marked valid and then added into the public blockchain ledger. The process of this cryptocurrency mining is also responsible…

Introducing Binance Pool: A New Way of Staking and Mining Bitcoin Using Your Binance Account

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Binance Pool opens services today. Binance Pool is launching with a bitcoin mining solution plus a special offer of zero-fee starting rate for Bitcoin miners for the first month.

Binance Launches Binance Mining Pool to Offer Bitcoin Mining Services.

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Binance, the world’s top cypto trading service provider launches new product—Binance Mining. Binance Mining is offering a new mining pool for Proof of Work coins like Bitcoin. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, confirmed the addition of the new product to…

Bitcoin Addresses Holding At Least a Whole Bitcoin to Reach All Time High.

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While the number of bitcoin addresses holding up to one Bitcoin (BTC) is increasing, only about 800,000 people currently own one bitcoin. According to the glassnode data released on March 28, 797,420 wallets now have a balance equal to or…

Diutocoinnews Weekly: LocalCrypto Trading House Adds Four New Payment Methods for African Users. 

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LocalCrypto a rebranded cryptocurrency peer to peer trading platform formerly known as LocalEthereum adds four new payment methods.  The newly added payments method is for the African market to enable its users purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum on its platform. LocalCrypto…

Four Best Wallets for Staking Cryptocurrency in 2020

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Coin staking is getting popular among cryptocurrency investors. Coin staking allows cryptocurrency holders to earn passive income on the coin he or she is holding. With the increase in stacking pools and wallets, more and more crypto exchanges are copying…