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Is the Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting the World’s Economy a Chance for Cryptocurrency Adoption?

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Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the global stock markets have been on a bizarre situation, recording a sharp drop in the world economy. According to experts, the situation is likely to continue.  The IMF announced that investors has…


Nigeria Kidnappers Top The News Bill Board During The Week On World News Crypto RoundUp

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Nigeria Kidnappers incident took up the whole news bill board during the past week. Lets take a look at what happened last week in cryptocurrency as was reported by Diutocoinnews.  Last week, a lot happened in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Notable…

The State Of Cryptocurrency Regulations In African Countries And The World.

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  REGULATED IN SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa, the second largest economy in Africa previously in 2015 released straight no statement on Cryptocurrency activities in the country. But as of Jan 2019, the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group comprised of members from…