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Adaobi Lucia

Fantom Network Tokens Pick For 2023.

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The year 2023 is still uncertain for  crypto enthusiasts . If you are one, you must have noticed the market downturn since last year. The market is filled with fear, uncertainties, and doubts but people are still making money. The…

Top African Fintech Apps For Easy Transborder Sending And Reception Of Money.

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The changing landscape of business and the workplace, the japa fever has created needs for transborder transactions. Which could be for tuition payment, savings or fund remittance to native country. Regarding restrictions, most platforms used for international transactions such as…

NEWS Prediction Markets WEB 3.0

An Overview of Pulse Prediction Market

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Pulse Markets is an open source prediction market platform built by the Pulse community DAO.  Pulse Markets is built on NEAR Protocol and requires a NEAR wallet. If you do not have a NEAR wallet, create one here : wallet.near.org…

Omen protocol: prediction market Overview.

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Omen is a fully decentralized prediction market platform built on top of the gnosis conditional token framework. Liquidity is enabled through a fixed product market maker which is similar to how Uniswap markets work. This means liquidity will always be…

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