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Report: Not-a-Bot—Musk Will Now Charge You an Annual Fee to Use X, Could it be in Dogecoin?

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X, formerly Twitter, is testing a ‘Not-a-Bot’ program aimed at combating bot infiltration. New users will need to pay a $1 annual fee to post content and access other features, which would increase the cost involved in running bots. The program also aims to limit the spam and manipulative activity, with potential payments for the subscription via Dogecoin. Non-subscribers will only be provided with read-only access to the platform. The program is currently being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines.

CoinEx Rebounds Stronger After the $70m Hack.

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In response to a recent security breach, cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx introduced a new wallet system and pledged a stronger commitment to security after hack. The breach, which took place on September 12, was linked to compromised hot wallet private keys. CoinEx ensured a 100% full compensation of affected users’ funds and resumed withdrawals within nine days. Additionally, the exchange set up CoinEx Risk-Prevention Funds and enhanced communication with its users. The response has been positively received, with industry peers considering a similar approach in solving such incidents.

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