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Month: September 2020

Central Bank of Nigeria to Release the Youth Investment Funds For Young Innovators

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Recall that DiutoCoinNews previously reported the official release of the procedures and funding details for accessing the Youth Investment Funds approved by the Nigeria Government.

New Features of Algorand Wallet – Improved User Experience

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However, Algorand wallet remains one of the secure wallets for all cryptocurrency adopters.

Algorand-The Key Drive to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption

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All these are to encourage people’s stay in the cryptocurrency sphere, broaden their knowledge on Blockchain and cryptocurrency and further drive its adoption.

What is Token Burn and How Does it Works

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What is Token Burn? Simply put, token burn is the permanent removal of parts of the existing coins in a cryptocurrency’s circulation.

AFEX Commodity Exchange Platform to Introduce Warehouse Receipt Check Using Blockchain Technology

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Sterling Bank’s end-to-end blockchain-based commodity trading and financing platform in Nigeria, AFEX, has disclosed plans to introduce Warehouse Receipt Check by Trade Finance Market, (TFM).

OKEx and Yield Farming on Centralized Exchanges.

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What is Yield Farming? Yield Farming simply means the process of staking or locking up a cryptocurrency or token to receive another token in return as a reward for staking.

New Twitter Widget Enables Trading on Uniswap Without Leaving Twitter.

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Mask Network has launched a new version of Mask for Twitter with a trading widget. The new version allows Twitter users to access market data and trade ERC20 tokens (Ethereum-based tokens) without leaving Twitter.

South Africa’s Standard Bank Taps into Contour Letter of Credit Blockchain

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South Africa’s Standard Bank is moving into the Contour blockchain trade finance network via Letter of Credit Blockchain.

How Soon Before We See TRX/NGN Trading Pair on Binance Exchange?

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NGN Trading Pair on Binance is growing rapidly with up to five markets already paired with NGN.

KYC Process in the Crypto Space.

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KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It refers to a process that financial institutions use to gather data contact information for identifying their current and potential customers.