Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

How Soon Before We See TRX/NGN Trading Pair on Binance Exchange?

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NGN Trading Pair on Binance is growing rapidly with up to five markets already paired with NGN.

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Binance added support for USDT/NGN on September 10 2020. Now another possible listing may happen due to the recent popularity of TRON Blockchain across Nigeria.

NGN Pairs Trading Already Includes:


Just recently, a Twitter pool from Binance Africa shows that more persons within Nigeria would prefer TRX/NGN market against other available pairs on the list.

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There is no doubt to the popularity of TRON community in Nigeria. TRON became more popular in Nigeria since after the Ethereum high gas fees.

Ponzi Schemes operators popularly used Ethereum for running their ponzi schemes most especially the Ethereum Million Money that was once popular before crashing. 

Since after the high gas fees, these scammers jumped into the Tron Blockchain. Now the popularity of TRON across Nigeria and Africa increased.

One of these popular Ponzi Schemes is the ForTron. Many organizations in Nigeria like SiBAN have advised the crypto community in Nigeria to avoid them.

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