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Nigerian Banks Allegedly Engage In Fraudulent Transactions And Unauthorized Personal Data Usage.

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A new investigative report has alleged that financial institutions are unabashedly engaging in fraudulent financial activities without sanctions from the regulatory bodies. The report accused Nigerian banks for opening an account using a customer’s identity without their knowledge and authorisation,…

Terrorist Groups Exploits South Africa Financial Institutions, Also Seeks Crypto Donations.

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Accomplices of the terrorist network, the Islamic State (IS) who are on rampage in Africa especially Mozambique are allegedly using South Africa’s financial system to transfer funds to the group’s affiliates and networks across Africa. The United States government has…

CBN Open Banking Guidelines To Allow Banks Share Customers Data With Retailers.

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Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) published proposed guidelines that would introduce an ‘open banking’ era in Nigeria, a map that defines rules on how companies exchange digital financial data belonging to consumers. Open banking, is the he use…

Zimbabwe Bans Bank From Lending, As Currency Value Declines.

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In Zimbabwe, the government has ordered commercial banks to stop lending with immediate effect in bid designed to stop speculation against the Zimbabwean dollar. According to Reuters, the Zimbabwean dollar, which is officially quoted at 165.94 against the U.S. dollar,…

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