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A Recent YouTube Bitcoin Scam Claims 0.5 BTC Through a Fake Giveaway

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A Recent YouTube Bitcoin Scam Successfully Gains 0.5 BTC in a Confirmed Fake Giveaway Fraud

Latest Report Shows a Decrease in the Rate of Blockchain Attacks in 2020

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There has been a drastic decline in the rate of cryptocurrency and Blockchain hacks through the course of the year; 2020.

This New App Helps You to Disable Stolen Phone in Nigeria

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This new app has can disable your stolen phone and render it useless for those in the possesion of the stolen phone.

$24 Million Lost in Another DeFi Flashloan Economic Attack.

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Harvest Finance a DeFi based project developed under Kava Blockchain has been attacked in a recent flashloan economic attack resulting in a $24 million loss off the protocol.

Trezor Wallet User Loses Funds to Hackers Despite Keeping the Seed Phrase Safe

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Tezor wallet user loses funds to hackers, though he was able to secure his private keys and haven’t’ used the wallet for days. 

Arizona Accuses Nigerian Man For Identity Fraud Involvement in Crypto Investment.

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Arizona State Regulator has ordered a Nigerian man by name Abuchi Okoye to cease and desist offering digital currency investments to its residents.

US Court Dismisses Fraud Case Against Woodberry Without Prejudice

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The 29-year-old Ponle popularly known as Woodberry, facing charges bordering on wire fraud conspiracy at a United States District Court in Illinois has been dismissed by the US government without prejudice. 

Twitter Hack Update: Hackers Using Mixing Tool to Block Law Enforcement From Tracing Transaction.

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Some part of the funds collected through the Twitter Hack this week appear to be on the move claims Elliptic, a Bitcoin wallet address tracing service firm.

Hushpuppi the Alleged Cyber Criminal Alongside Woodberry Hires Mark Geragos Former Michael Jackson’s Lawyer.

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Unconfirmed reports around social media, claims that the duo have hired a high profile successful american-lawyer, Mark Geragos, who was once an attorney to the late pop star Michael Jackson.

Hushpuppi: Woodbery Defrauded US firm of $15.3m Loaded in a Bitcoin wallet.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, has filed a case claiming that Olalekan Jacob Ponle, an acompliance arrested alongside Hushpuppi, defrauded US firms of millions in dollars.