Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency News in Nigeria And Africa


BREAKING: Federal Government Alerts Nigerians on Coronavirus Ransomeware. Demanding Bitcoin as a Ransome. 

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Views: 4 Just in, the Federal Government alerts Nigerians on the existence of an Android-based malicious and fraudulent Coronavirus Ransomware Application.  This coronavirus ransomware app according to the federal government claims to provide updates on the virus and infections near…

The Top Incidents of Cryptocurrency Scams Recorded in Nigeria in 2019.

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Views: 17 The number of bitcoin users has continued to increase in Nigeria despite the Senate and CBN warnings against involving in cryptocurrency which has led to Nigerians losing millions to crypto fraud. While the number of cryptocurrency users continue…

Uganda Legislators to Clamp Down on Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes Especially that of Crypto Scams in Uganda.

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Views: 18 Uganda legislators is out to clamp down on ponzi schemes in the country following too many crypto scams recorded in the past, including dunamiscoin scam and other crypto scams. The uganda legistors said this after the State Minister…

The Perpetrators of Dunamiscoin Scam to Appear in Court on Jan 22 2020 for Collecting Money from Investors in Pretense.

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Views: 6 Following the Dunamiscoin scam, State Prosecutors said that they have logged over 4,000 complaints against the popular crypto scam in Uganda by Dunamiscoins Resources Limited.  Just after the collapse of the downtown lollipop coin, Samson Lwanga, 37, and…


A Joint Declaration On Crypto Scam and Ponzi Scheme in East Africa.

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Views: 17 Just in, the blockchain and cryptocurrency associations from East Africa puts out a joint statement on Cryptocurrencies and Ponzi Scheme in the region.  The reason for the collaborative effort from East Africa is because of the increase in…

SiBAN Introduces SiBAN Scam Alert To Fight Crypto Scam In Nigeria

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Views: 11 Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN) just introduced SiBAN SCAM ALERT to regulate crypto scam in the space.  Its not a new issue that while the industry is building to make the space safe for end…