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[WATCH VIDEO] Beginner to Pro Trading Video Tutorials

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The Video guides is beginner friendly and have categories ranging from what blockchain is, to trading skills using FA — Fundamental Analysis and TA — Technical Analysis down to DeFi.

Five Habits of a Professional Crypto Trader

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Crypto currency trading habit is a profession of which, if you are looking to venture into, will require you to understand and learn properly else you lose financially.

Full List: Top 10 Nigerian Crypto Mobile Apps to Buy, Sell and Store Bitcoin Per Highest Downloads on Google PlayStore.

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These crypto mobile apps will help you to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria easily using naira bank account transfer etc. The full list includes: Bundle Africa: Launched on 20th April 2020, the bundle africa app aids the swift transfer…

Escrow Services and Their Role in Cryptocurrencies

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Truly, the world revolves around buying and selling and the crypto world is not an exception to this world order. However, trading in crypto requires a lot of care considering the fact that you could be buying from a total…

Qualities of a Good Crypto Marketplace

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A crypto marketplace provides an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Luno Launches Luno BTC Savings Wallet With 4% APY

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The new Luno BTC Savings Wallet allows users to earn a trageted rate of 4% interest per annum on their BTC deposit to Luno Savings Wallet.

User Loses Over A Million Dollars in Error Transfer

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Unknown transfer has gone bizzare due to error in the Ethereum network address used by the sender.

Unique  Batman NFT Art sold for $200,000.

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A huge NFT sale of Batman’s artwork has sold for $200,000 on MakersPlace.

We’re Moving to Only Accepting Donations in Bitcoin Using BTC Pay says a Top Fundraiser for #EndSARS.

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Feminist Coalition Group, a top Fundraiser for the #EndSARS campaign has officially resort to accepting donations only in Bitcoin to help sustain the protest.

Call For Crypto Adoption: Protesters Resort to Bitcoin Donation Following it’s Naira Bank Account Deactivation.

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Call For Crypto Adoption: Protesters Resort to Bitcoin Donations Following it’s Naira Bank Account Deactivation.