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Top Cryptos To Buy Now, May Surge In Price This November.

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Dogecoin (DOGE), the canine-inspired meme token often associated with electric-vehicle-tycoon-turned-Twitter-owner Elon Musk, was the top performer in October among the 150 digital assets in the CoinDesk Market Index (CMI). The DOGE price rose 101% during the month, vastly outpacing the…

Dogecoin Payment Goes Live On Tesla Online Stores.

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Tesla customers can now purchase the electric car merchandise like belt buckles, chargers, and other merchandise starting today. Dogecoin (DOGE) payments went live on the Tesla store in Asian hours on Friday, with prices seeing an 11% increase shortly afterward. Coin Desk…

Dogecoin Is Working With Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin On Community Staking.

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Recently, Dogecoin Foundation’s official Twitter account tweeted about the digital currency network’s “Trailmap,” a set of initiatives that essentially detail the proposed direction of the Dogecoin blockchain and ecosystem. The Dogecoin Foundation says that a traditional crypto “roadmap” is a rigid summary…

Tesla Will Accept Dogecoin Payment For Merchandise Says Elon Musk.

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Recently announced Times Magazine Person of the year and the Forbes richest man in the world, Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will make a merchandise buyable with Doge, the revelation made Tuesday in his tweet post. The richest billionaire…

Elon Musk and Binance CEO In War of Words Over Doge Coin.

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Elon Musk CEO Telsa and self professed Doge coin holder accused Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao of shady activities over restricted withdrawal of Doge coin on Binance app in a tweet call-out. The call out was made in a response to…

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Quits Job After Making a Fortune From Dogecoin

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Aziz McMahon, a managing director at Goldman Sachs has quit his lucrative job at Sachs after his recent fortune from the top meme coin Dogecoin. According to a report released by eFinancialCareers, McMahon, who took charge of the bank’s emerging…