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Paintswap The Biggest DeFi/ NFT Marketplace On Fantom Ecosystem Upgrades.

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Recently Paintswap, announced an upgrade of its Platform stating that, “PaintSwap just got quicker! Smoother scrolling & loading of all NFTs grids (Marketplace, Collection, Profile), 10x to 100x faster depending on the media, connection and source, Indexed over 1 million…

Top New Metaverse Projects To Trend In 2022

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The virtual reality world is still untapped. The metaverse trend potentials are limitless. Tech giant companies are exploring and diversifying into metaverse projects. Social media giant Facebook has entered Metaverse with Horizon World App in few selected countries, with plans…

Binance US Lists FTM Ahead of Coinbase.

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In what crypto business experts terms as clever move to capture the US market, Binance USA announced today the listing of popular blockchain coin Fantom Opera FTM for it’s US market ahead of leading US crypto exchange platform Coinbase. Fantom…

FTM Network Stablecoins For Mainstream Purchases Via SpookySwap

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You can buy gift cards with your crypto and use these gift cards to buy real-world goods and services from thousands of top retailers and brands. Let’s have a look at the likely scenario with Bob. Bob provides liquidity on…

Five Crypto Tokens To Bag For Christmas

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The cryptocurrency ecosystem recently has seen surge among many metaverse projects, but metaverse is not all to it. There are also other projects with potentials of achieving skyrocketing growth this season due to its community power, or the company associated…

Cryptos Likely To See Growth in November.

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It’s safe to say that metaverse season is here. With the recent rebranding of Facebook business name to Metaverse and the ingenious plan by the company to bring metaverse on a large scale mainstream level, most metaverse themed crypto are…

Fantom Retraces, Could Reach New All Time High As Fantom Developers Conference Holds In Dubai.

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Fantom appears ready to undergo an increase in profit-taking among investors, the token will try to overcome a critical hurdle as price continues.  The Proof-of-Stake network’s FTM token has recovered from the recent flash crash that affected most cryptocurrencies in the market….

How Fantom’s ATH 100% Growth in 30 Days Leads Other Smart Contract Platforms.

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The smart contract platform’s token, FTM, set an all-time high of $2.48 on Oct. 19 before slipping to about $2.31 in early morning trading Eastern time, according to CoinGecko. With a $5.9B market cap, the token has almost doubled in the…

FANTOM’S Artion By Andre Coje is Here! FTM’s New NFT Market Place.

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Fantom has launched on Friday, it’s NFT market place called Artion built on fantom blockchain and created by Andre Coje. Andre Cronje is a prolific coder, best known for creating Yearn Finance and Keep3rV1, as well as his participation in…