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Bitcoin Surges Above $10,000 Again Amidst the Unrest Across the United States.

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Bitcoin surges above $10,000 again amidst the unrest across the United States.

Nigerian Naira Gains Against US Dollar After CBN Resumed Dollar Sales.

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The Nigeria Naira has gained against the US Dollars following CBN’s resumption on US Dollar Sales

‘Save Bitcoin, the People’s Money’, Says Robert Kiyosaki the Author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

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Following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on global economies, which has left the poor households in most affected nations exposed to series of hardships, many experts have provided insights on possible ways to control the incident and…

Is the Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting the World’s Economy a Chance for Cryptocurrency Adoption?

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Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the global stock markets have been on a bizarre situation, recording a sharp drop in the world economy. According to experts, the situation is likely to continue.  The IMF announced that investors has…

US Treasury Sanctions WannaCry Bitcoin Ransome Cyber Hackers.

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The United States Treasury on Friday sanctions three hacking groups they claimed were sponsored by North Korea that were allegedly involved in the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks demanding bitcoin cryptocurrency from its victims. According to Wikipedia, “The WannaCry” ransomware attack was…

Binance.com To Restricts US Citizens, Announcing Binance US Launch

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Binance US—Binance.com To Restricts US Citizens, Announcing Binance US Launch. The world’s biggest digital money trade will change its modes of administrations to its clients. It had declared that it will limit access to US natives exchanging on its trades….