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User Loses Ledger Nano Hardware Crypto Wallet in a Public Transport at Toll Gate Ibadan

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A Ledger Nano Hardware Crypto wallet was reportedly picked up in a public transport where the owner lost it by Ebenezer Oluwole at the Toll Gate Ibadan. Ebenezer Oluwole on Twitter have identified picking up a Ledger Nano hardware crypto…

Central Bank Of Nigeria to Launch E-Wallet, Nigerian Banks, Others To Follow Soon.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria announced that eNaira cryptocurrency will launch on a digital wallet called Speed wallet This according to the Central Bank will enable the apex banking regulatory body to meet it’s October 1st timeline. The wallet is…

New Features of Algorand Wallet – Improved User Experience

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However, Algorand wallet remains one of the secure wallets for all cryptocurrency adopters.

Full List of Top DeFi Wallets in 2021

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Top DeFi Wallets are top wallets that can store DeFi tokens which includes ERC20 tokens and other DeFi based tokens.

Visa Affirms Commitment Towards Promoting the Adoption of Digital Currencies For Crypto Wallet Providers

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Visa for crypto wallet providers. In a recent announcement on its platform, one of the world’s foremost card payment processor has expressed its commitment towards fostering the adoption of digital currencies around the globe. The new Visa approach towards digital…

Algorand Wallet Review 2020: Wallet Features and How to Set Up a New Wallet.

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Algorand wallet review will be focusing on the features of the wallet and how to set up a new wallet.

Do You Think Satoshi Nakamoto Moved His Bitcoin Holdings?

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Bitcoin’s founder and purported top holder, Satoshi Nakamoto may have just moved some of his earliest mined Bitcoin (BTC) worth over N180 Million Naira at press time.

While Less than 30 percent of Nigerians Have Social Media Accounts, How Many Has Bitcoin Wallets?

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With the Struggle for Mass Adoption, Less than 30 percent of Nigerians Have Social Media Accounts, How Many Nigerians Have Bitcoin Wallets?  According to the Digital 2020 Global Overview report, 60 percent of Nigeria’s over 200 million citizens is still…

Four Best Wallets for Staking Cryptocurrency in 2020

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Coin staking is getting popular among cryptocurrency investors. Coin staking allows cryptocurrency holders to earn passive income on the coin he or she is holding. With the increase in stacking pools and wallets, more and more crypto exchanges are copying…