Thu. May 23rd, 2024

User Loses Ledger Nano Hardware Crypto Wallet in a Public Transport at Toll Gate Ibadan

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A Ledger Nano Hardware Crypto wallet was reportedly picked up in a public transport where the owner lost it by Ebenezer Oluwole at the Toll Gate Ibadan.

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Ebenezer Oluwole on Twitter have identified picking up a Ledger Nano hardware crypto wallet which he claims was seen in a public transport where the owner lost it.

Some people were in shock as to why someone would be carrying such a treasureable device around. One twitter user @dj_modeep asked same question.

But could be it be that it was stolen and the person who stole didn’t know what to do with it and dropped it off at the public transport. That could be another angle to the incident but then the wallet as Adaeze exclaimed could contain someone’s life savings.

Some questions now comes to mind;

  • Can the owner recover the funds if there are funds inside the hardware wallet? , Yes he can if he has the private keys with him.
  • Can someone take the funds in it? No, someone without the details can necessarily do anything with the wallet.

What is Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet:

Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet is a USB-like storage device. It can be used to store multiple cryptocurrencies offline. It stores your private keys on the device, making it difficult for online hackers to access your accounts. If the physical device is stolen or lost, the owner can retrieve funds back through a 24-word backup recovery phrase.

They are one of the safest ways to store cryptocurrency assets. It can be used to securely store all of your crypto, like a personal bank vault, locking away your private keys, which only you can access.

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