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Top Learn to Earn Websites in Web3

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Learn to Earn in web3 is a new idea that started trending in 2021. It became more popular in 2022 and now people search online for places or websites to learn and earn. Recently, different platforms, most especially crypto exchanges…

Alice SI Impact Investing; Crowdfunding and Managing Projects Through Proven Social Impact on Blockchain.

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What Is Alice SI ? Alice is a transparent social funding and impact management network built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a decentralised social platform for measurable impact projects in the social finance / impact investing sector.   Alice…

A Guide on How to Become a Web 3.0 developer in 2022

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Web 3.0 Developer journey starts here. Technology is gradually moving from web 2.0 to web 3.0. With the emerging web 3.0 technologies like SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi , metaverse and the hype around NFTs. It will be easy to say that…

Is Web 3 Domain Names the Next Big Trend?

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It’s been an unhinged crash for cryptocurrencies highlighting how important catching the “next big thing” can be for those speculating in the space. From Dogecoin to Shiba Inu and NFTs, the attention span of crowds can be short-lived. Interestingly, one of the purported…

Stoor: A Cloud Storage Platform That Puts the Future of Data in the Hands of Users

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In our present-day lives, owning some type of personal tech device has become the rule rather than the exception.  We increasingly rely on our gadgets to help us navigate and manage our days. Whether it’s for communication or education, productivity…

Neuralink, NFT Domain Name Extension, NFT, Metaverse, Web 3: Guide To Crypto Trends Of 2021.

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The crypto ecosystem in 2021 witnessed out of box innovations from the seemingly unattainable world of metaverse becoming an attainable project, to nascent idea of Neuralink, the world of virtual reality is expanding in many ways. The worldwide web received…

Elon Musk Wants To Put Chips In Your Brain, Calls Metaverse Buzzword.

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The Dogecoin Influencer founded Neuralink, a neurotechnology company that primarily aims to install brain implants on humans for restoring and enhancing physical abilities through computer. Elon Musk believes that on the long run, a refined Neuralink can pull people into…

Reddit Co-founder & Polygon Launch Social Media (SNT) Web 3 Fund

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Polygon and Alexis Ohanian’s firm Seven Seven Six plan to expand Web3 technology with social media through blockchain compatibility with an investment of $200 million, according to the Polygon team’s most recent blog post. Bitcoin news reported that Polygon is best known for its…

Web 3.0 Trend Features, Tokens and Specs From Web2.0

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Web 2.0 refers to the version of the internet most of us know today including iOS, android etc. It is an internet dominated by companies that provide services in web2.0 apps like google and apple services in exchange for your…