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Top Learn to Earn Websites in Web3

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Last updated on October 14th, 2022 at 10:39 am

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Learn to Earn in web3 is a new idea that started trending in 2021. It became more popular in 2022 and now people search online for places or websites to learn and earn.

Recently, different platforms, most especially crypto exchanges and wallet providers, have launched learn to earn projects which after some time closes or gets suspended. Platforms like Coinmarketcap were among the first platforms to launch learn to earn in web3 but for a long time now, it has been inactive.

Here is a list of just not active but constant open learn to earn websites in 2022. 

  • Layer3 ( is a platform that enables anyone to contribute to web3, from anywhere in the world. DAOs and decentralized communities upload their tasks in the form of Bounties, Contests, and Projects on the Layer3 platform. There is always an opportunity to learn and earn on Layer3, users explore the communities and complete tasks which will be rewarded in crypto.
  • Super Team ( On this website, you don’t just learn however, you have the opportunity of being connected to active job roles. Super Team is a Solana ecosystem focused website that helps the most promising projects in the Solana ecosystem to launch and grow. You earn by learning and getting paid job roles.
  • Polygon Fellowship ( This fellowship allows you to learn and earn during an exclusive 8-week mentored program on your web3 development program and also positions you for work. They have track 1 and track 2 mentoring processes. Track 1’s are for people who have zero knowledge or are trying to migrate from web2 to web3. Track 1’s stand to earn a stipend of $1500 after the program while the track 2’s are for people who already know web 3 and need to be a master. Those under track 2 stand to earn a stipend of $3000. There are also open job listings which serve as an opportunity to get employed after the program. 

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  • StackUp ( This learn to earn website is for developers. StackUp learn to earn and enables developers to level up, grow and connect with a global Dev community — all while being rewarded for their time. If you are a developer, then this is a big spot for you to earn some bucks.
  • Questbook: This is also another learn-to-earn website for developers. This site allows users to select their preferred blockchain for learning while earning at the same time. There are options to learn and earn with Ethereum, Solana, Near, Polygon etc.
  • Learnweb3: This is for developers and non-developers. They are looking to onboard as many developers into Web3 as possible. You can learn about NFTs, DAOs, Defi, Smart Contracts, and more while earning along the way.
  • Pyme: This website is for me the best. I waited to put it out last. This is the best learn-to-earn website out there. You will learn, earn and belong to a big community of the same interest. They offer internship roles and also pay you for completing some tasks. There are so many other things you can do. Aside from some minor tasks, you can get some freelancing jobs to do at a fixed rate and receive payment. You can also get access to market a product on pyme.

Conclusion: The new internet of money is web3. You don’t just have to learn about a new product or be a fan. Now, you are paid to be an active fan by learning about this company and performing some online tasks for the company. This is the financial freedom that crypto brings.

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